Saturday, 16 November 2013

Leave it to a retired musician -turned radio host- to complain about the media!

Yes. Leave it to a retired musician -turned radio host- to complain. He who interviews simple-minded actor/musicians like Billie Bob Thornton.
With a devastating typhoon in the Philippines, sectarian violence in Iraq, the uncertain future of the Senate and a huge child pornography bust in Toronto, there's no lack of stories to talk about. In today's opening essay, Jian talks about how we should focus on something other than Rob Ford's trou...
One story is NOT dominating news agenda. (Who else, but media, to blame if that is your opinion.)
We've seen much in reputable newspapers on Obamacare, the tragic events in the Phillipines, and so on. We can read about Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Canadian and other subtopics in the news.
This is why newspaper index pages have the following sections:Home

Live coverage of the voting was good
for voters.
It is important that media focus locally, municipally, provincially, and on a national and international basis, on all significant stories.

Intelligent J. Q. Public can focus an many issues. What we want journalists to do is to present issues on a neutral basis, and interview those with the education and intelligence to understand them, and present solutions or interpretations.

We can see who is in Council,
who is absent, and how they voted.

Good politics demands that
voters know who and how they voted.

There is something seriously flawed with a City Act, City of Toronto, that hasn't the ability to remove a Chief Magistrate of the largest city in Canada, who has been caught on Guns & Gangs surveillance doing drugs, and in Toronto Police interviews been seen to be drunk driving.
Municipal politics has the most profound effect on women, children, the most vulnerable in society, in terms of housing, drug abuse, gangs, all the way to water and sewer. This is AS important as national and international news of disasters.

Interesting note:
I wrote a piece of this on FaceBook, after CBC Ottawa flogged Ghomeshi's rant, with a note on its front page, and it was dumped. It simply has disappeared!

We must laugh at the situation, at the same time we can learn from it!
See John Stewart’s reaction below, or click here to watch last night’s full episode.

From the Globe and Mail:

Public editor: Rob Ford did what? Why the media keep pushing for the...

The Globe and Mail and other media believe what the police had uncovered about the mayor and his friend were in the public interest.
It's come to this: The Rob Ford Opera

Rob Ford's intoxication affected his job: former staff Use despite harm is evidence of alcohol dependence.

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