Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sleepy leopard frogs!

Nicely camouflaged!
The leaves are frozen in the ice.
Froggie is not!
This past week the pond froze over in the cold November nights (Daisy was tip toeing on it Nov. 13th).

Depending upon the day temperatures, it tends to thaw a bit or a lot.

Sometime the sun shines, hinting that it hasn't gone away, just taking a break.
Extreme close-up: under the ice,
dreaming of spring.
This little leopard frog was at the edge of the goldfish pond, under several mm of ice. Later in the day, the pond thawed some in the sun. Froggy had taken off into the deep, nestling itself in the mud in the bottom.

Frogs seem to appreciate my pond. My faithful readers know that Geraldine bullfrog was safely sleeping in the mud.

Three days after I'd built my pond, we had 8 leopard frogs hanging out. It was quite a process, building the goldfish pond.

Daisy couldn't figure out where the ice had gone.
This morning, saturday, with anticipated temperatures of 13 C., I knew they'd be about.
She spotted the leopard frog
Geraldine bullfrog sleepeth not this morning

Leopard frogs are interesting critters, in that like the dewy lawn in summer.
Even the goldfish were up for air!

I have to be very careful when riding the law tractor, cutting grass is stressful! Driving slowly enough that they can either hunker down, or hop out of the way, I avoid frog guts.

Lawn tractor work
September buddies
Here they were, in warmer days of September. Today, the pond water looks a dark, dark
I haven't seen this big guy
for a few months!
brown. Sleep, frogs, rest, and soon you'll be croaking about spring!
Camera Critters

Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens)

At least eight known species of leopard frog live in North America. The northern leopard frog is one of the most widespread and is the only leopard frog species found in Canada.

Other names: Rana pipiens


Hilary said...

You have quite the group there. And yes, avoiding frog guts is always a plus. :)

Red said...

Most people miss what you show about amphibians. I thought they disappeared in the mud and that was it!

eileeninmd said...

A nice pond for the wildlife. The leopard Frog is cute. Have a happy day!

Pearl said...

I hadn't considered the perils of cutting the grass. still, one year, we could build a frog pond.

Anonymous said...

A lovely pond. Those little frogs are really cute.

Anonymous said...

Great shots ~ love the frog ~ thanks, carol, xxx

Anonymous said...

Great shots ~ love the frog ~ thanks, carol, xxx

Gunilla Bäck said...

Cute froggies!

Betty Manousos said...

what a super awesome blog you have, carol!

a lovely pond-love the frog.

happy monday!

via camera critters.

Pia said...

I like the frogs at your pond. Must be a nice concert in sommer!