Monday 1 November 2010

When cats fly

On a trip to Bayshore Mall I was totally impressed with the display. Tricky photography what with the skylights. I found some cat quotes at Flippy's page.
If you gave wings to a cat, it would not condescend to be a bird. It would be an angel. 
- Dick Shawn [1923-1987]

Cat angels are the reason there are no mice angels. - Mel Brooks

Cats are very special angels, but they're not angelic. Watch what happens when a flock of birds fly by, beneath the clouds. - Elizabeth Hubbard Hall
God allows cats in heaven just so he can keep an eye on them. - Dixie Carter


Grizz………… said...

This is just a great post—great pix and quotes.

Cloudia said...

Delightful, Jenn

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral


Judy said...

Jenn, I will now have to stop at Bayshore and see this for myself! I usually find that working in Hazeldean mall is enough mallness for me in any one week, so I do not drive the 15 minutes to Bayshore!

Jane said...

Charming Jen! The photos made me miss our two 20 year old cats who are being well-taken care of by our friend and house-sitter. But 6 months is a long time and I fear they could be 'angels' by the time we return.