Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mind the gap

Shirley, Calico, and the missing Not Nemo (right).
I'm so sad. I figured out that our cat has been fishing in the aquarium.

It has to be the only solution. Not Nemo was missing.

We could hear a funny noise as someone was ringing my antique bell, which sits beside the tank.

You'd think he was hungry.

Guess who found a snack?
There was a gap between the tank top and the edge. Then, the glass cracked. It was Oliver, I am sure, sitting on top of the tank as he is wont to do.

The little twerp.

He eats the odd chickadee, Sady's vet-prescribed cat food (she has allergies!), as well as Mitzie's food when he can. He is insatiable. A lean, mean hunting machine. He loves his new forest, too.

Mind the Gap!

Shirley is a dime store goldfish. Oops. How demeaning. Shirley, is a Bubble Eye Goldfish.

Happy Shirley and her friend
Calico (and the late Not Nemo) is a new, young Shubutkin. They are cold water fish, meaning we don't need a tank heater.

My mom's pond before its demise
Shirley lost her other sister last month. Poor girl. They used to live in the frog pond in summer. The first summer we had three. A raccoon ate one.

I originally built a pond in Nepean, in 2005, just before we moved to Muskoka. They survived there, coming in for winter. SIGH.
My 2005 pond

R.I.P. 'Not Nemo'!

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joared said...

My sympathy with the demise of Not Nemo. Friends in a suburban community have a tiny little pond with koi. Racoons started fishing there, so they ran an electric wire around the pond area -- has worked to deter the fishers -- so far. Friends also stock mosquito fish to deter West Nile virus.