Friday, 20 July 2007

cats - Mitzi

It is quite delightful – our big cat, Mitzi, is beginning to come around to approach ‘normal’. She and her siblings were born behind a dumpster in a mall. She was adopted by a family with a dog who harassed her and scared the feline out of her.
Mitzi and Sadie

In the 5 years we have had her she is afraid of me. My husband can pet her on the floor. She flops onto the floor, like a dead whale (she’s overweight!) and allow him to pet her tummy. We cannot pick her up. Lately, she is becoming more comfortable with me. At first she would walk towards me as I had the can of cat food in my hand. She would almost brush up against me, then go and brush up against the refridge. Then, maybe a few days later she would make contact with the tips of her fur, and then go bonk into the refridge. This past week she physically made contact with my legs as she brushed up against me. I saw her this morning and she flopped on the floor. Usually she would run away in fear as I approached. This time she let me pet her. I have confidence, with each approximation of the behaviour approaching normal – we will make it to where she is normal. Maybe in another 5 years – but I have hopes.

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