Friday, 20 July 2007

a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

It was a beautiful day today. The sun shone, the robins were busy building a nest, the wind was slight but kept the bugs away.

The hummingbirds are still at the feeder, frantic to get some more food. They are so busy. They have fights over the feeder: buzz around and try to chase the other ones away. They chirp.

Speaking of chirping - our cat, SADY, (fearless hunter that she is) has pissed off most of the chipmunk population. The robins watch her but since their nest is in the eavestroph there is no way she can reach them. She brought home a mouse and worried it to death. There were two moles, too. The chipmunk she caught was quite happy that I chased her away and, when she dropped it, it ran for the tree and scolded her for an hour. The cat, Sady, is getting better at hunting but the chipmunks are getting better at running away. They have destroyed parts of my garden and I am hoping they will move a little farther away.
It is my fault since I taught her to fetch her 'bird' - actually a fake bird, but a feather duster.

We are desperate for rain water. It hasn't rained in a week. It has threatened to, but the clouds passed over with very little rainfall. I lug buckets of water from the lake. It is good therapy - getting close to nature, caring for the plants and flowers, and having some physical activity.

'One day at a time' is my motto. I started a new job. I sell some beautiful bags and cottage decor products for a young designer. I am happy to take this job - to supplement my income! We will cut back and live small. I know I have to change my life and I have done so. Early retirement is good.

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