For annual ❄️WEATHER DATA<= over the years. Last November we had winds, snow and power outages! Winter, bring it on. We got this!

It was a month of graupel, primarily.

Nov. 28

storm over southern British Columbia
 Nov., 2021 – British Columbia's Storm Damage

Nov. 26
Today we are threatened with rain, changing to snow this afternoon. It shows snow, at 06:50, but I poked my head out and it is raining.

Nov. 25

Nov. 24 – something is on its way

Nov. 19

B.C. bridge

B.C. Transportation is gathering disaster photos on FLicker.

Nov. 18  – after this they predict freezing rain.

Out in B.C. < = road closures and evacuations.

Nov. 14/15

B.C. is a mess, with 250+mm rainfall. Roads are washed out.  

 There were 50 cars stuck in the mountains between two washouts, they airlifted 275 people, including 50 children. They are evacuating people by military helicopter. Others were stuck in cars overnight. They shared food and water. There were many power outages.
The town of Merritt has been evacuated (Twitter), as the flooding has destroyed the town's water treatment system. Merritt is in the mountains.

Nov. 13 – 4.83 mm

Nov. 12 – 18 mm

Nov. 11th

There is a long line of storms, circling counterclockwise around the Great Lakes. 

Closer to home, we could get rain or snow today! It depends. The radar predicts snow north of highway #7. It was -5 C. when we got up today. We'll see.

Nov. 3 – just a trace!

NOVEMBER  rainsnow (cm)
  2013     6820
2014    1526
2015    54  0
2016    3925
2017    8410
2018    9440

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