Nov. 27 – Another Colorado low!

Nov. 21 – rain on the way from a Colorado Low

From Lisa Laco, CBC morning show host in Thunder Bay says:
Oliver-Paipoonge municipality has declared a state of emergency. Heavy rain last night followed by snow created icy, slippery conditions. plows can't even get out..so sand trucks can't either...and that means little access for emergency vehicles as well. The mayor pleaded for people to stay home.

Nov. 13 – a bit of a shock,  though the snow is pretty

Nov. 11

Nov. 4

Nov. 3

Nov. 1

Lots of wind. Some snow in Muskoka!

We had a bit of hail.

Power outages

2013     6820
2014    1526
2015    540
2016    3925
2017    8410
2018    9440
2019    4430

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