Saturday 30 September 2017

September Weather 2017

Sept. 28th – a shock a drop in temperatures

Sept. 27 – Major Heat Spike for Great Lakes

During early September each of the Great Lakes were cooler than normal, but as of September 26th each of the lakes had caught up to or even surpassed where they were this time last year when lakes were exceptionally warm after a hot summer.

Sept. 26 – heat and drought

Sept. 18th

Very little to report here, except August-like temperatures! However, there is another hurricane, and this is a tragedy.

Sept. 17th

Sept. 10th – looks like a nice week!

I'm sure Hurricane Irma, now a tropical storm, will send some rain next week. Then, Hurricane Jose is still figuring out a plan.

Sept. 9th – crazy people watching for Hurricane Irma on live camera!

Sept. 7th

Sept. 6th – Hurricane Irma is followed by Jose, and Katia.

Joker says Trump won't allow Jose into the US. They'll be OK.

Sept. 5th – Hurricane Irma

Sept. 4th – on its way, 1 mm only!

September 3rd – Hurricane Harvey's remnant's move north: 17.8 mm

September 1 – no rain, but chilly temperatures!

Hurricane Harvey is now a storm, headed this way. Perhaps by Sunday. I will have to get that wood stacked!

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William Kendall said...

That drop in temperatures we had here as well started with a pretty intense storm on Wednesday afternoon. The papers indicated the winds were at their peak around 160 kms an hour at one spot.