Sunday 16 June 2024

Books and bears

 📚 Book Reviews! 📕

We've had a strange weather system roll in. It's been chilly.  It's 14℃ here now, but 7℃ in Ottawa. The sun is out and it'll warm up. Reading on the back deck, my summer pleasure, requires a blanket once the sun disappears.

 I seek respite on the back deck. It is lovely to relax and read. The first is by an independent author, R.A. Consell, Stealing from Wizards. It is a great fantasy read, for teens and adults. Quite a wonderful fantasy, the third in the series. Caitlin told me about these books, and we've read the first two.

The next book is by a Canadian author, Daniel Kalla. He's an ER doctor in Vancouver. This is the list of his books. It is all about the plague returning. He just published a new one and was interviewed on TV.  I'm trying to read them, but someone has them out from the library and isn't reading any too quickly. 


"Daniel Kalla finished his latest book about vaccine hesitancy and misinformation the day he learned what COVID-19 was."

Since it's been chilly, it was a time to bake! I love the bubbling as it comes out of the oven. Local strawberries and rhubarb. My rhubarb has gone kinda wild. It is wonderful being able to support local businesses.


rhubarb strawberry crisp from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Even Cinnamon wants to snuggle for warmth!

reluctant sharing from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

During our storm, the poor little critters! 

hummingbird in rain from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I heard the barred owl!


dusk barred owl hoots from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

We went down to fetch trailcam videos! I had on an anti-bug shirt. The mosquitoes have lessened, though. Now it's blackflies and deerflies. 


Cinnamon walkies Jun 13 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

🧸 Lo, and behold, Booboo bear. It knows Muskrat is in there! At the end Booboo is pulling the debris away from Muskrat's shelter and looking under the dock. I think Muskrat is trying to block the sunlight. Or itself?

bear june13 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The bears are good bears. We've no food out there, bird feeders well away in spring. Garbage is secured in the closed garage. There are too many humans with guns out there for local bears to be complacent around humans. I've not seen them around the house at all in the daytime. They wander at night. 

Booboo is likely looking for a new habitat. The older bears don't wander near homes in the daytime. 

This is the time of year they are mating. The females kick the 2-year-olds out of their territory, or the males could hurt the young ones in competition. The bear that wandered by at midnight is a mature bear, looking for love, I'll bet.

People talk about critters invading human spaces. So far so good here! 


Barbara Rogers said...

Loved seeing Cinnamon walkies with you, as well as Boo Boo bear just being a young bear. Our bears are usually attracted to garbage put out (tourists don't know any better until they do know). I met a woman at market yesterday who lives here and hasn't had a single bear experience. I wonder what she focuses her life on these days. Guess no garbage cans!

Anvilcloud said...

I watch the video. How fun to hear you enjoying the cats.

Karen said...

Black flies are finished here. The deer flies are a terror though. Those darn things bite, but the burning pain starts later. OUCH

Divers and Sundry said...

The invasive critters we get are squirrels and raccoons in attics. That's expensive to fix but not scary like bears.

Elephant's Child said...

I am glad your bears are good bears.
And thanks for the heads up on two new authors to me.

Val Ewing said...

I've heard and seen videos of bears breaking into places. It is so smart that you leave nothing out for them to smell as a source of food.

There has been some bear incidents in our area, but that is from folks leaving feeders out and ... feeding them too! Yikes!

Hopefully your walk wasn't too bad with the black flies and deerflies.

Mae Travels said...

Your video of BooBoo is great. It’s neat how bears and people seem able to coexist in your neighborhood.
best, mae at

Red said...

You don't want to go out at night and surprise yourself by meeting a bear. My son lives in Maple Ridge and they have bears in their yard and knocking on the garage door when it's garbage pick up day.

eileeninmd said...

It is always great to hear an owl, I love the hummingbird and the cute little bear. Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week!

Patio Postcards said...

Jenn thanks for the book recommendations. Oh my that bear tearing apart the garage. I'd like to see the insurance claim form on that one (lol).

Jeanie said...

Looks like you've read some good books. I could live without the bear. But I love seeing the cats sit together!

Kay said...

Looks like the bear did a lot of damage on the garage and the car. Wooow! I'm rather glad we don't have bears in Hawaii.