Friday 9 June 2023

We made it to Friday!

 It has been quite the week. Trump has been indicted. 😼 Things are awful in Ukraine. 

We've had a reprieve from the smoke from Quebec, and Ontario fires are getting under control, although there are 34 fires in northeast Ontario. We are very lucky, here.

More smoke later today, though. It's coming from the north, now. Some weird counterclockwise front from the maritimes. I cannot complain, as many have lost homes, or are displaced across Canada. 

This is worth a listen.

Still no rain for a few days. It has been cloudy and cool, which has helped in this situation. I am watering outdoor planters once every two days, whereas in the heat it was daily.

I strolled around the garden Wednesday, wearing my N95. I am playing with my iPhone. I think it: peony 'Yellow Crown'. The smoke lessened Thursday, but I was fatigued, and feeling a bit of vertigo. I took it easy. Happily there was 🎾tennis to watch, in between indoor chores. But, I should be gardening!

Thursday, I thought better about my photographic choices, and did better. I pulled up the netting and held the flower. That is much better! There is another bloom, well-hidden, and a bud to come. 

My lilies are growing, protected by my Lee Valley netting. I have high hopes! I haven't seen any deer about, but I am ready. They are likely have their fawns now. There is lots to eat, besides my plants. 

The cherry tomato plant is doing well! I'm thinking I will need to support the plants! Tying them up last year didn't work well. They sagged and sat on the soil. My indoor orchid is tipsy. It, too, needs a bolster. I am working on that.

Our nesting birds have been busy. The robins are gone. The phoebes under the upper deck continue to feed their nestlings. The cowbird, laid in their nest, seems to have flown away to another lilac tree. I've been wrestling with Siri to get a one-handed photo. It isn't working too well! 

According to my notes, they hatched May 25th, and should fledge in 15+ days. That would be June 8th. Any day now, and I'll be able to stack my wood. 

I post an archival photo to help get a picture. 

Isabelle (gr. 8) and Josephine (gr. 10) are finishing up school events. They are housed in Bell High School, where their mother and uncles attended. The school is now a joint space for the high school and middle school. There was an art show. Both girls are excellent artists. 
Isabelle's piece is the lower right.

Josephine's artwork is the skull, on black.

I'll leave you with critters. We've had many bugs, setting off the alarm. 

bugs from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

What a pain, the camera is so slow!

coyote June 1st from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I've been watching for Fred Groundhog, they seem to have vanished. I did get a skunk crossing the lower deck! I haven't seen one in the daytime in ages.

Skunk from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

UPDATE: I began writing this previously. Fred turned up Thursday. Dunno what they are up to. I did barricade them out from under the propane tanks. 😜 


Tom said...'s peony time here too!

DUTA said...

Trump and Ukraine brought it on themselves; fires and floodings are mostly Nature's fury, and we humans are quite helpless when facing Nature.
Congrats to your granddaughters on their art achievements!

Olga said...

Great time of year for flowers! The girls are looking so grown up. Do they have plans for the summer?

MARY G said...

Yes, we also have nibbling deer ... and your garden is amazing. You can get a set of sticks and clips,to hold up,that prchid. I was given one by garden wise friends. If possible, Imwill,find the source.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh that's great. Our peonies are gone, but now I can enjoy yours!

Anvilcloud said...

Thankfully, our local fire conditions didn’t last too long.

eileeninmd said...

Happy Friday! Neat capture of the skunk!
The peony blooms are pretty.
Take care, have a great weekend!

RedPat said...

The peony is lovely.

Jenn Jilks said...

Oh, Duta, I cannot agree with both your premises. The flooding in Ukraine was due to the Russians who had control of that part of the dam, and blew it up. It had to be done from the inside of the dam. I've been reading reliable sources.
Ukraine didn't ask to be invaded. The taking of Crimea was an invasion. The horrors of the Russian soldiers, taking children away from parents, and from Ukraine and putting them in camps in Russia, is cultural genocide.
We have so many wonderful Ukrainians visiting and living in Canada, and they enrich us. Putin is a KGB monster.
Trump is facing self-inflicted wounds. said...

Fascinating video of bugs.

Nancy J said...

I often wonder how can Putin live with the atrocities he is inflicting on Ukraine. The flooding there was totally his cause, the fire at the lodge in Wellington here was arson, earthquakes are a natural cause , and we have to live each day and be so thankful for so much in each of our lives. The girls will get a lot of wonderful NZ scenery to photograph and maybe do some of their wonderful artistic talent on later.Rotorua, a chilly start today, Saturday, off to do some shopping later this morning.

Christine said...

The haze here has improved. Your grandies are so grown up now!

Elephant's Child said...

It has been quite a week around the world. I feel for the Canadians affected by the fires and for the Ukranians. I have less than no pity for Trump.
Thank you for sharing your granddaughters art, the garden and the critters.

DUTA said...

I was referring to fires and floodings in general, as signs of Nature's whims and fury, stressing that we're helpless when facing nature.
As for Ukraine, I'm not sure the war there and its encouragement by the West is wise. The next step after the dam will be nuclear. Just as Kennedy wasn't willing to accept a communist Cuba on his neck, Putin is not going to accept a defiant Ukraine on his neck. As simple as that.

Cloudia said...

Fred lives! Oh thank you for the time we get to spend with you and your beautiful home

Red said...

You've got lots of stuff on the go and we all have smoke to make things stressful. It looks like it could be a while until the wildfires die down. we're not going to extinguish them. Mother nature will have to do that job.

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

DeniseinVA said...

Love the videos of the bears especially. Wonderful animals though I wouldn't want to come across them while out walking. As much as my foolish side would say yay, my sensible side says nuh-uh! :) From a distance or on a trail cam, great! I am all for moving forward in life and treating people using the Golden Rule. If a person has a truly good heart, then I'm there for them no matter what road they are on. We need a lot more love and tolerance today. I close my ears to the hate/fear/conspiracy mongers. They are not the humanity I want to follow. I won't be led by any of them, I will tread my own path with my own mind, ears and heart. Great post Jenn!

William Kendall said...

Just don't startle the skunk.