Sunday, 4 June 2023

Fire Power: the age of Anthropocene; Flower Power

πŸ”₯ I don't mind winter, it makes spring more exciting. Sadly, we've had terrible heat of the summer temperatures, and little rain. Many fires have been accidentally πŸ˜’ started by people burning leaves, etc. Nova Scotia is now creating a $25,000 fine for such. Many are discussing The Anthropocene: The human era and how it shapes our planet.

People can be so ignorant about nature and wildlife. Not all of us, for sure. This↓ is why I think Gaelyn is happy to be retired! 

Another shout out to another blogger, the awful conditions in Alberta has been affecting our friend, Red.  I was awake at 3 a.m., looked out the front window and the moon was orange. The smoke is traveling (<= forecast) all over. Our local smoke, in SE Ontario, is from the Quebec fires this week. 

Thank goodness for good governments and excellent use of taxpayer dollars. Within Canada, we have a national centre, which coordinates human and physical resources:  πŸ”₯Canadian Interagency Forest Fire CentreThey analyse fire locations, and determine who has resources which could be sent to another province. 

I have to thank (as if they read my blog!), those countries who have all sent firefighters to help us with these fires. This is what I found out: Canada has agreements to share firefighters πŸš’ with six other countries -- the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica.


Flower Power

The poppies are in bloom.

It's known as Field Hawkweed, but my mother always called them Devil's paintbrush! OK, to be honest, she called them Indian Paintbrush, but that is no longer acceptable. When we know better –  we do better!

The fuschia is blooming nicely!

Dame's violet and Impatiens. I brought us back to my Anthropocene, accidentally. That is a beer can I found beside the mailbox, brought back to the house, and meant to put in recycle. 

After two horrid storms, Dec., 2022, and then April, 2023, the poor pine trees are putting out new needles. (Back to Anthropocene and Climate Change, which causes these extreme storms.) The problem with this  is the trees would provide shade on the back deck. 

The sun is shining more heavily on the indoor plants I put out. I had to bring my orchid in. While they like indirect light, there is a limit to that! 

The cherry tomatoes plants are doing well! Also, the Horse Chestnut tree.

Local Produce!

Finally, a neighbour drove by, and popped in with a gift of asparagus from down the road at Miller's Bay Farm. With all the fooferah around the gun range, and the applicant appealing, I'd forgotten to order some! She is the kindest woman. She also is the momentum behind the petition, and the 534 signatures gathered to protest the gun range. She researched the requirements, designed the petition, distributed it, and got most of the signatures.

We had the asparagus and some of  Jiny's Korean Kimchee for dinner. JB had gone to the market Saturday. πŸ‘©πŸ»‍🍳@jinykimjh

Thank goodness for amazing people in the world, they outnumber the yahoos!


Tom said...

...when I saw that idiot approach the bison, I just shook my head.

RedPat said...

Asparagus is always hit & miss for me when I cook it. Still haven't found a foolproof way of cooking it.

Anvilcloud said...

When I was a neophyte gardener (and never got past it), I tended to learn the proper Latin names because common names seem to vary randomly. It's just that I learned through books, and that's what they used. I was thinking of that when you mentioned devil's paintbrush because it is not the plant that I was told was devil's paintbrush. It was a more orange plant that came later in the year.

Jenn Jilks said...

You are right, AC! I hadn't thought of that. The yellows die down, and then the reds come up. I thought they were the same species!

Gaelyn said...

Count yourself among those amazing people in the world.
Yea, lots of tourons visit national parks.
Oh how I love spring asparagus.

Jeanie said...

We've had the same weather -- today is finally cooling off. Still warm, but manageable. What a kind woman, your asparagus-bearing neighbor! Sounds lovely.

Elephant's Child said...

We are in winter here - a season I enjoy. Your spring looks spectacular. I hope (so much) that the fires can be brought under control. We are all too familiar with their dangers.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots.

Karen said...

Much nicer today but the smoke is a devil in itself. There are two fires in Algonquin Park very close to us. There is another one at Centenial Lake near Renfrew that is so out of control they have evacuated folks. We made an evacuation plan, including our pets. With all the dead fall from the loggers just behind us, we're feeling pretty nervous.

Red said...

The long hot spells in weather bother and worry me. I don't like hot weather. It's a pretty good indication what's to come with climate change.