Friday 17 February 2023

We went for a drive!

 Wednesday, we began the day with rain. This is highly unusual for us – for February. It shows us with snow, but that wasn't the case. I haven't been down to the trailcams in a couple of days. I've been busy and tired. Last night it was snow, which is better than the freezing rain they predicted.

Tuesday I had an appointment and a respite client. I suggested to JB a drive we could plan for the next nice day, and to rest Wednesday, but it didn't look too encouraging for sunshine for a week. The clouds were moving in. Off we went. 

A new home:

There are lots of sap lines up in our area. Apparently, sap producers have begun tapping. Normally, this happens in March and April. JB and I were just discussing this. It has to be above zero in the day, and below in the night. This way the sap rises and falls and is captured by the sugar shack. Many use modern tubing sap lines, smaller operations still use buckets. The tubing does less damage to the trees. This is Josephine at our neighbours operation in 2011: Sugar shack! (Our neighbours have 35 acres, with 2000 taps.)

We made it to Narrows Lock. Lots of geese!

And swans! They could be trumpeter or tundra swans talking to the Canada Geese. Trumpeter or tundra swans have black beaks, with a bit of colour (red or yellow). You'll note, the clouds rolled in, but it was good to get out for a drive.

I was quite shocked to find that the ice machine was chugging away in the lock house. The building is closed for winter, and there is no staff.

They've been doing work!


narrows lock from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The Big Rideau is quite solid, or so it appears:

We did a full circle around Rideau Lake. The green is Murphy's Point Park.

Rideau Ferry's little island, frozen in the ice.

Now for some coffee, later some breakfast, and then today's exercise is to go out and shovel! 


Tom said... maple sapping time here too!

eileeninmd said...

Nice outing, I love the swans.
Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Quite a different look from when I visited! Nice drive... YAM xx

Barbara Rogers said...

Great to have a trip around and about. Next time you go by the ice machine, just unplug it! What was that cable doing going across the ice...any idea? I can't believe the sap is already running. Here it's been so warm I wore a short sleeve shirt to lunch yesterday - 60 F. The first maples are showing red buds. If/when we get the rest of winter, it's going to hurt some fruit trees I'm afraid.

RedPat said...

It's nice to get out & about. I feel like I have been stuck around home for months.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Always nice to get out and about!

Christine said...

I heard no skating on the Rideau this winter, the ice is not hard enough.

Cloudia said...

You notice everything! Yes it is nice to get out and about and I appreciate you taking us with you dear

Nancy J said...

Coffee sounds good, there is still some winter weather to come I guess. Maple syrup on the way too, there is nothing like the real taste, very expensive down here, but a little reminds me of all my wonderful northern Canadian friends. XXX

DUTA said...

The Rideau Lake looks majestic!

Kay said...

I'm so glad we don't have to shovel here in Hawaii. It sure is keeping you strong though.