Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Cats to the vet & deer friends

 It was a busy day! They both did very well. It was just an annual check up, as well as their annual shots. Cinnamon is on the heavy side, but he is a happy lad. He's put on a bit more weight. We won't hold that against him. (Who am I to throw stones?!) We've been rather lazy in the wet and the cold and I have been restricting their outdoor time. We have to decide if we should put them on 'senior cat' food. It is weird, since Nutmeg will push, or nudge him out of his own bowl. She is the boss, for sure!

There was wailing and gnashing of teeth! Both were pulling at the carrier doors. Once there, Cinnamon made himself at home.

He seemed pretty laid back. They lived here for a month or so until we adopted them. They'd been found at the side of the highway, likely dumped. People do that around here.

Bell is still working on the phone lines. It was a great morning for that. The blue sky didn't last, however.

On the other side of the highway, there was pruning being done by HydroOne. I love work. I could watch it for hours!

We've had winds, but they are still working on Lanark Lifestyles part 2, or is it 3?!

The icicles are hanging. 

It's not a great photo, but it reminds me of the sighting. A happy doggy with a 3' stick walking along the sidewalk quite proudly with its prize.

In the afternoon, I went back out to fetch trailcam cards. I accidentally dumped ones with the coyote. Oh, well. I have quite a few of them. I know. As I was puttering around, don't tell JB, but a sweet doe came over to me. She was quite curious as to whether I would put some food out for her. Who could resist?

Thank you for your kind words about the deer photos. We are blessed, seeing them around us.

Dec., 2015, three bucks
–very unusual to see the males

Then there is the herd of doe-a-deer!


Tuesday afternoon was a bit of a mess. We had rain, snow, sleet and graupel! I had a nice hot shower after snowshoeing in the forest. JB got the groceries done just as it began.


Tom said... sure have a lot of deer friends.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yay, happy kitties and healthy too! OF course I love seeing the deer too!

Jeanie said...

Add me to the list of those who love the deer photos. And the cat pix, too. I'm so glad they found such a good home with you.

Karen said...

I had to buy new cards for my trail cameras. The 16G ones don't seem to want to record. Trying to find 2 or 4 G. cards was a challenge. Ended up having to order them from Amazon. shucks... I therefore need four cards to swap them out.
Not much wildlife sign around my place, though we know there is a fox. The tracks are around and about the yard, but it manages to avoid being caught on camera.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Glad the vet visit went well... and the deer shots never fail to bring a smile! YAM xx

RedPat said...

Love that portrait of the doe.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

A lot going on where you live!! said...

The icicles look good. The deer are cute.

Anvilcloud said...

As a matter of fact we were at LL just today. Yes, what a project. And they intend to build here in CP too. I believe they have received permission already, but I don’t think they are near actual plans.

DrumMajor said...

Glad your kitties are healthy! That IS a beautiful doe. Stay warm and safe! Linda in Kansas

William Kendall said...

What a beautiful close up of that doe.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Love the icicles! We used to have great long ones on my boyhood home in Kansas.

Red said...

Crews are very busy in your area making improvements.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad the cats are happy, healthy, and fairly cooperative.

It's good you can enjoy the deer. I know people who spend their time planting things and then trying to discourage the deer from around them. Sounds like a losing proposition lol

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those deer are remarkable. I have learned to take one cat at a time to the vet so there is no howling in unison.

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like those icicles.
Lovely to see the deer.

All the best Jan