Monday, 4 July 2022

Canada Day 2022 debriefing

 All in all it was a success, Canada's 155th 🎂. Even though the crazies arrived in Ottawa, again. It was different this time. This time the authorities were prepared, had new bylaws, and extra cops who were actually going to charge people. The barriers placed in winter are still there, the road in front of Parliament is closed, and they are checking people for weapons where the main ceremony took place. There were no truckers, and fewer people.



June 29

Since 8 a.m., Officers have issued 120 parking tickets and towed 28 vehicles located in the Motor Vehicle Control Zone in place for Canada Day events (see map above) and demonstrations this weekend.

Ottawa by-law is shutting down a table where they are handing out anti-PM buttons. In the comments someone saw a parent putting F* Trudeau t-shirts on their kids. The police made them take down their F* Trudeau table. They weren't happy. (See the by-law rules above!)


June 30

Things heated up on Thursday, as this dude, James Topp, arrived from Bells Corners. Josephine took photos of it all, they were headed to the orthodontist. They took up parking spots outside the grocery store, pissing off all trying to stock up for the long weekend.

The man, Topp, was demoted from Warrant Officer to Private and dishonourably discharged. He kept appearing at protests in uniform, which isn't allowed, no matter the protest. We're not sure his 'purpose!' On his way back to where ever, he popped in to visit our former MPP's house for a picnic, since Hillier's bail conditions require him to stay away from Ottawa. 

The dude in the purple shirt (below) is Maxime Bernier, another former MP wackadoodle. He lost his seat in 2019 and formed his own party. That hasn't gone well! 

Then there is Pierre Poilievre...

There was increased craziness. It reads much like the Jan. 6 attempted coup. Do they not know how crazy they sound? They were made to take down their tables. The reason is it impedes the sidewalks. A duly elected leader. It's sedition.

They began arrests around the memorial. Can you imagine going after a police officer, a female? 
They are checking for IDs, and arrested a dude who was out on bail from the previous protest, 'rolling thunder.' He violates bail conditions being in Ottawa and is from the faction in Quebec. Not the brightest bulb in the knife drawer! 

"We are reviewing video and investigating the incident at the National War Memorial this evening. The initial investigation finds that an interaction with officers became confrontational and 1 officer was choked. Other officers immediately responded, 4 people were arrested"
There were a lot of people marching in peaceful protest <= Caryma Sa'd's cameraman filmed it. Lord knows what they want. They certainly aren't Christian-sounding!

July 1

There was a noisy but peaceful march down Bank St., with residents yelling at them from their windows! Residents have had enough. 

The whackos planned to meet at the Supreme Court. Someone had words with them (see the by-law rules above!), that was changed to Strathcona Park. That was cancelled as they couldn't get permits to set up. 

The Diagolon flag is in evidence, they are just fruitcakes. This is who THEY are <= by 

The main camp at the KOA in Renfrew was a hoot.  This is where those advocating for 'freedumb' were camping out in expensive trailers and campers. Those who visited them said they looked bored!

What is really weird is that at this camp they played the US anthem and raised the US flag (see below). This is CANADA! The Barrie thong man was there, we first spotted him in February. What's up with that?! At least it is warmer.

Downtown there were some weird speeches, it's as if people are checking their brains at the security gate. She had a transphobic message. Blaming Soros, who famously said 'a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl' for encouraging and funding sex changes. That doesn't even make sense! This is from US policies. Transphobia is gaining ground in the US, they fear it is spreading here.

A woman, arrested for having an F* Trudeau flag, tried to give a 'ceremonious lawsuit' paper to police. She is Rebecca Sheppard, with STAND4Thee, who believes she was illegally arrested. (See by-laws above!)

Fired Georgian College instructor becomes face of convoy ...

 Tom Marrazzo is another character. Since the winter occupation life hasn't gone well for him.

I enjoyed Twitter posts by those who were happy the police were equipped and prepared to do their job.

Some residents conducted anti-protests! They make good points.

I watched the morning events on stage on TV. I sang in a big choir and we performed there for several years on Canada Day. This year's was a great show with no problems, several great speeches. The musical performers were multicultural, and representing all Canadians. There was @GurdeepPandher, who does bangra from his home in the Yukon. He performed several times on the big stage.

Our Prime Minister said to be kind, he also said to take back the flag:
"It's also a promise — a promise of opportunity, a promise of safety for those fleeing violence and war, and a promise of a better life."

Our Governor General, Mary Simon, spoke in THREE languages, English, French and Inuktitut. Simon's working on her French, but some Quebecers are ticked off. Seriously. She is the first Indigenous GG. Raised in a traditional Inuit lifestyle, Simon reminds us that we still have more Reconciliation to do. It is true.  

From Ottawa Police: 
Enforcement action since 8 AM June 29 in regard to downtown Canada Day events and demonstrations ▶️483 parking tickets ▶️113 vehicles towed ▶️ 6 tickets encumbering highway ▶️ 1 ticket pile material on highway ▶️ 3 tickets unlicensed mobile refreshment
▶️  3 tickets unauthorized use of fireworks

All in all, it was an excellent day on Parliament Hill. I put up my flags. The second one is made up of international flags, and says 'peace'.

Happy July 4th to my American friends!


E.liza"BETH" said...

wow. sounds like wilds (at least different and more not so quiet) times. i know political stuff is happening here in the USA. i had a dental appointment not too long ago and the lady was chatting with me about this and that. we got to what has changed. i see more tailgating. folks don't respect that some drive slower and they are aggressive to them. so rude. i wish they would be more kind. have a great week. stay safe and be you. smile often. ( ;

Tom said...

...the world is being overrun by crazies!

Anvilcloud said...

That's a fulsome summary. I didn't follow any of this at the time.

Barbara R. said...

Thanks for report on your "holiday" events. Our Independence Day feels much the same, most of us wishing the last decisions of Supremes hadn't happened, and now where do we go? Love both your flags! They are wonderful!

Divers and Sundry said...

What a shame all this is happening. I feel like the crazy down here is spreading, and I am sorry to see it :(

Maybe better days ahead? Or at least it looks like better-prepared days :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

SO glad things went well for you, Jenn. I was delighted to read the forces were out and in effect for your Canada Day. I really worried for you, and am glad that the events went quite smoothly.

Thank you for your wonderful and sweet wishes for our "Independence Day." Wish I felt better about it. I actually feel betrayed by SIX people who want to control my life, my body, and the very air I breathe. I DO hope these injustices by the Justices have sparked enough dissent to get people in my country off their duffs and get them to the polls, both in the primaries and the general election in November.

So glad your big day went well. I'm going to try to make some art and forget about how sad I am about the future of my country.

Elephant's Child said...

Sigh. Similar nut jobs are spreading (fast) across the world. I am so glad that your police were prepared.

eileeninmd said...

Great report and post. Happy belated Canada Day!
Take care, have a great new week!

Rain said...

I LOVE your flags Jenn! I'm happy to be very far removed from the nutjobs here in rural Canada....though I admit, I try to avoid all that crap if I can!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Meanwhile, down south, 3 mass shooting today making a total of 11 already for July and 308 for the year according to an article I read. I prefer our crazies . . . so far.

Lowcarb team member said...

Belated happy Canada Day to you ...

All the best Jan

The Furry Gnome said...

Glad you're reporting on all this for us!

Lorrie said...

I HATE this Trump-style movement that has come to Canada, and am glad the laws were enforced this time. The increasing divide in our country is becoming worrisome to me.

DeniseinVA said...

There are times I just don't know what to say. Good grief! I hope it all gets a little saner for all of us soon. We can't let the crazies take over.

DUTA said...

I'm afraid I know the symptoms and where they lead to.
The cops will get tired - not the trouble makers, the fines won't be paid. the various systems won't be able to cope with the violence. In my neck of the woods, we've reached the stage of almost non-governability. It's typical to a land of immigrants. Of course, it might not happen to Canada. She's bigger, richer, better organized.

William Kendall said...

I saw the Canada Marches vehicles at a Nepean motel while en route to do an errand last Wednesday. I figured it was the whackadoodles.

I went downtown on Friday. Avoided the Hill after seeing they were in the vicinity.