Sunday 8 May 2022

Windflower, Lenten Rose, Tulip


 First phoebe egg May 7th. The cats are intrigued, as they can see and hear them flying under the deck. Fortunately, it's only 0 C. and they went out and came back in for breakfast rather quickly. I may put a baffle up for the robin's nest, as Cinnamon climbed the post last year. Happily, he's a bit heavier this year, and may not be able to do it! 

Phoebe loves the daffodil garden. They'll perch on the fairy lights, keeping an eye out for bugs.

This photo is from May, 2016! I try not to bother the phoebe too much. We had a contractor in to give us an estimate for new eavestrough. The birds are phased by the action, but come back. Phoebe is reusing a nest from 2016 on top of the green shelf.

Cinnamon and I went walkies. He'll meow to get out in the afternoon, then wait on the front deck for me. Off we went. His first stop is a roll around on the pile of dirt. 

Waiting for my walking pal, I took a photo of the flowers. My Lenten Rose is magnificent this year. Tons of blooms, maybe 8 or 9! 

Grecian windflower

And I'm up to 3 tulips, including this pretty pink one. Take that, deer!

Off we went to the frogpond. This was trip #2 for me. The batteries on the farthest trailcam were needing some more juice. 

We passed the robin's nest in the big old white pine tree. They are all around this area. I didn't notice the brown creeper, even though I took my zoom lens. Perhaps it was too cold for her. I think I could use a monopod stand, as the lens is very heavy to lug around without the tripod. That will be my plan when it warms up this week – before the mosquitoes are bad!

Batteries reinserted, we headed back to the forest. Cinnamon wanted to sit on the tree stump. He watched a red-wing blackbird intently, but he knew it was too far away. 

The wetland is greening up. So good to see. Off in the middle ground, something grabbed Cinn's attention. 

I had my rubber boots on and I found the frog. Cinnamon wasn't too interested. He anticipated something more exciting than a cold frog, I think. 

It was Isabelle's 12th birthday Saturday. Izzy and Caitlin did a Facetime with me. Grampa was out fetching groceries. We'd sent her a card. Caitlin's MIL is there, so there is no end of celebrants at their house! I grabbed a screenshot to show grampa.

Happy Mother's Day – to all who mother one another. The cats were up early to prepare a sumptuous display for me! Wasn't that sweet?! 


Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy 12th to Isabelle!

Barbara Rogers said...

Happy mother's day to you too! Loved seeing how cats celebrate you! Some of your pics didn't download for me today...may be my computer prob. I liked what I saw!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
My, but those cats are good to you...&*<> YAM xx

Tom said...

...after being established for a few years, my Lenten Roses are fabulous, Happy Mother's day.

RedPat said...

Cinnamon is like a dog the way he likes to walk with you.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

looks like spring might be headed your way? Happy Mother's Day!! enjoy it. i am headed to see my parents/bro soon. lazy day. we have had rain this weekend. i know we need it, but it sure makes you sleepy. lazy times. lol. ( :

Anvilcloud said...

happy Mother’s Day over there.

Nancy J said...

Jenn, your days are looking very springy!!! Love the Mother's Day display, hope you enjoyed it, A very quiet day here, but flowers arrived on Friday.

William Kendall said...

The tulips are starting to show in the city.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy end of Mother's Day to you, dear. Cinnamon us a good walking companion. So sweet that the kitties fixed that display for you.

DrumMajor said...

Wonderful woods, and the birthday girl is lovely. Talented cats in your household! Linda in Kansas