Friday, 3 December 2021

I'm still decorating!

We are being very kind to ourselves and one another, since we are still fighting health issues. Some popped a half-eaten box of chocolates beside my chair!


My buddy and I went outside to play in the snow. I wore my beautiful red snow boots for the first time this year.

They match my bright red gloves – sent by the Red Cross seeking a donation from me. The meadow was snow-covered. It poured rain on Thursday, no more snow.

The rhododendrons are wrapped. Mostly to prevent Bambi from trimming it!

I was going to do lot outside on Thursday, but it poured rain. I had my haircut. Last time I had a haircut, Oct. 30th, it dumped 9 mm! This is a trend.

Yes, I'm still decorating. We've no guests expected, but it is satisfying. I stuffed my basket with pine branches. I popped in a red ball. It needs a little something else, doesn't it?! 
I gave Mama bear a ball to hand to her cub.

Hanging out these balls, I noticed the lights reflect the green, blue and red from the baskets.

Crock pot chili! Back in 2004 my mom wrote out a recipe for this for JB. He was retiring in 2005 before I did in 2007, and could get dinner on with this. I've modified it some, but it's a sweet memory. My mother and JB had a great time together. 

I love the crock pot. You throw stuff in after breakfast, and can smell it all afternoon.

Back in the day I'd make this carrot bundt cake. Crazy Cake for birthdays is now a tradition! JB can eat it. Do you have a favourite holiday recipe?


Tom said...

...I have made wreaths and that's about it!

DUTA said...

Red seems to be IN now. I like this color; it's bright and uplifts the spirit. However, it's also associated with warning and danger

RedPat said...

That chili looks so good!

Karen said...

I love your decorations. No one will see them at my house either, but I have the urge to line the deck railings with pine bows and lights. A lot of pine bows on the ground after that wind yesterday.

Anvilcloud said...

Enjoy the comfort of the chocolate.

William Kendall said...

You certainly do decorate.

Kay said...

I had a crock pot a long time ago. Hmmm... Now you're making me wonder about getting another one.

Kay said...

OK... Now you've made me look online, all over for whether or not I should get a slow cooker.

Jeanie said...

I'm still decorating, too -- taking my time and maybe enjoying it more because of it!