Friday, 17 December 2021

Forest travels

First, check out my new bow. JB came home with a CLose eyes

💉I had my booster shot Thursday, Dec. 16th. There was a bit of a line. No symptoms, although last time I had the shot Wednesday at the drug store, and symptoms arose on the Monday! There was a line up. JB had his last week. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have side effects.

My arm is sore, and I went to bed at 8 p.m., up at 5:30 a.m. We shall see what happens. I was fearful all day.

Again COVID–19 numbers are rising, with Kingston being the hotbed of infectionsThey have the highest case rate in Canada. Ottawa has some cases linked with visits to the National Arts Centre, and such. We will just hunker down.

A piece of artistic birch tree! I do like birch trees, but they are quite fragile (see below).

The wetland freezes and thaws with above zero temperatures. Thursday was 15 C., which is bizarre. Today's high is 4 C. and it really wreaks havoc with the poor hibernating critters.

We've trees down, but it matters not in the forest. The big old pine trees are dying off. They look sweet in black and white.

As I walked, I noticed what seemed like the floating branch of a white birch tree. It was snagged on another branch, but it was a fun sighting. (Maybe you had to be there!) We've had more winds on Thursday, there are lots of branches hanging here and there. I'll do an inspection again.

This is our 3rd lot, we're own three lots in a row! Lots of trees down. There is water in the ditch, as well.

This portion of our 3rd lot was part of the old road. The county took it for the road in the past, but in the many years since it has grown over after they straightened the highway out. Now the old dead trees are falling.

This video shows how much snow we had. The trailcam captured the deer in the front yard 6 days ago.

On Thursday, bright and early, JB went to get groceries. We agreed we're going back to online ordering. He's really had a tough time managing a bad cold, and people do stare! He's going to have a chest Xray as soon as they phone with an appointment. He visited the GP for some help on the 14th. Thing is the Omicron symptoms are slightly different that Delta. 

As he left, I spotted the two deer in the front yard! They stared as he pulled the car out slowly. The camera focused on my nice white tree, but you get the picture.

They didn't bolt. I laughed as I watched them.


Tom said...

...knock on wood, I had no side effect from my booster.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
LOL, that deer... nothing to see here! The bow is beautiful. I LOVE online shopping and delivery to the door... I will do that forever now, beyond pandemic! YAM xx

Linda said...

Glad you got your booster shot, hope there are not after effects. We got ours at the beginning of December, no issues. We are going back to online ordering of groceries next week, just don't want to battle the crowds and who knows what the risk will be. Numbers are really high in our area too. Stay safe, and happy holidays.

Nancy J said...

I have this sure inkling that for the rest of my life the virus will be here to stay, and we have one case of Omicron, picked up at testing when the person flew in , they were moved into secure isolation, but everyone on the flight had to go into quarantine, and already others are testing positive to the Delta variant. The R factor is scary, I read that Ontario has a much higher number than other areas, we are so careful when we do have to go out, online grocery shopping will probably work its way back into our home too, I do not like it, but the ease of just driving up to the locker, entering in my keypad numbers, and there it is, all packed, ready to go, makes the safety factor very appealing. I will go and find a new better mask today, I see the doctors and nurses in the UK, have ones that fit at the sides very snugly.Take care as Christmas and a birthday nears, guess no big party or gathering this year, next year we have our 60th Wedding Anniversary, it might well get to be just another very ordinary day at home!!!

RedPat said...

I always wondered how much land you have. 3 lots is a fine piece of property!

Cloudia said...

Glad you are protected dear, stay safe!

Anvilcloud said...

I just checked and saw that there were >3000 new cases. 😵😬

William Kendall said...

I plan on getting my booster next week.

DrumMajor said...

Hope your booster is symptom-free. It seems now that you have deer as pets if they don't bolt away. Really magical seeing them with your cameras. Linda in Kansas