Wednesday 24 November 2021

He is trouble!

 Can you see who I am complaining about?! 

Josephine and Isabelle named all the fishies for us. The trick is to get photos of them.

  • Percy is the large one.
  • Whitey is the one that lost its goldfish orange colour.
  • Sour Cream – orange and white face.
  • Cow – orange and white spots.
  • Moustachio – orange spot on hip and nose.
  • Rainbow death murderer – orange.
There you are!

I guess you noticed my boy. The cardboard Caitlin brought over helped keep Cinnamon out for a week or so. Percy is fascinated, and thinks Cinnamon might feed him. Hah! I'm up for plan D. 

I hesitate to put something with weight on top, maybe a book would do. I found a heavy book, but I think Cinn would just whack it off! 

Maybe carve out the styrofoam and try nestle it in. Voilà! So far so good, but Cinnamon will come in for breakfast soon, and we'll see what happens.

Maybe put the book back on top!

JB found a tick in the bathroom sink. Probably mine. They tend to climb up small trees, and hop onto victims, like me.

We've done well in 2021, if you compare the graph over the years. I wonder when they invented the goop for cats? I think 2017. It took longer to formulate than the Bravecto for cats. Daisy was the champ and brought in 121 herself in 2016. 

With winter coming, it'll stop the ticks, at least. They'll be buried under... nope, the graupel won't do it! We have had these long ribbon streams of clouds, dropping graupel, and then sunshine!

I drove JB into the GP's office, couldn't go in, of course. He had his Lupron injection for his cancer treatment. He has a sore hip, which is not necessarily usual. It depends upon who gives it to him, his state of mind and body, as well. We're done for another three months.

Today is a cold one. It was cold overnight, and the furnace is working hard. Once the light dawns I'll check on the heater in the birdbath. I'm sure the goldfish pond is frozen. 

We've prescriptions to pick up in town. It took JB 3 calls to the drug store, 4 calls to our GPs office to get it right. Long story, basically miscommunication, but he managed to have his Lupron injection yesterday morning, and we made it through the day. I ended it with a massage. Such a relief.


Tom said...

...Percy and rest look like breakfast for Cinnamon.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Could watch the fishies for a looooong time... YAM xx

Gaelyn said...

Interesting book selection. Decades ago, My ex had a 100 gal fish tank and the cats would sit for hours watching. You keep that white stuff up north, even if it's just graupel.

Phil Slade said...

That's one very naughty cat. Put JB on sentry duty once he's feeling up to "whack a cat"!

William Kendall said...

Cinnamon is definitely interested. said...

Perhaps Cinnamon wants a swim with some playmates. I've not heard of the word graupel, still learning.

RedPat said...

It is hard to stop a determined cat!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hate ticks!!
Your cats kill me. Such determined little critters to go after the fish.

Nancy J said...

Phew, the hazards of living where the winter is SO cold. The Doctor's dilemma, we had a usual visit yesterday, all OK, for both of us, Good WOF ( Warrant of Fitness if you are a vehicle) for another 3 months. Keep warm as that graupel falls.

Cloudia said...

Bless you folks

DrumMajor said...

Fish names are cute. Maybe kitty will calm down if you read the book and create some CBD formula to calm her. I don't think she'll read it on her own. Does the fish tank store have a special grate that will stay in place to keep the kitty out? The fish might need some CBD mixed with their food. I'd be nervous seeing a big kitty outside my home all day! LOL. If she fell in, in might be her lesson. Or using a squirt gun on her tush if she tries to "fish out" a fish...Have a peaceful holiday after all of your errands. Linda in Kansas, mostly catfish...

Anvilcloud said...

What?! Ticks on trees? I thought we just had to beware of long grass? I am not pleased about this.

Jenn Jilks said...

Not big trees, AC, just little waist high saplings!

Jeanie said...

You do a lot better hitting a moving target with your camera than I do! The tick thing intrigued me. We were so relieved Rick's tick test came back negative, though he still has the markings on his leg.