Friday 5 November 2021

Corn snake & other stuff!

Things have been getting chilly. That is -5 C.! 

Wednesday we had some graupel. It's like baby hail! 

The cats preferred sitting in the sun. The clouds came and went.

I took JB walkies on my trip to the wetland. I found some lovely fungi!

Joseph Brian went walkies yesterday morning in town. It was so cold, but glorious he tells me! 
He spotted a crocodile.

I like watching skating. It is usually accompanied by some great music. This was so much fun, they masked up after their performance, which involved birds. 

Having had a few wind gusts, it took out my scarecrow! I brought her indoors. This is the before and after! Total face plant, the poor girl. I had to tape up the straw she sits on. 

More November clouds.


wild turkeys 

Cinnamon and I went walkies. He found Dratted Red Squirrel. This seems to be its favourite spot to sit. I've videotaped it here before.  

Cinnamon likes the catalpa tree.

Well, finally, I managed a sketch. It's been awhile since I've done one. Writers Artist's block?! Anyway, things are settling back down. 

Josephine is thinking about getting a snake! I drew a picture of a corn snake in a vivarium! They are good choices for newbies, apparently. 

Corn Snake Care Sheet <=

  • Country of Origin: America
  • Potential Adult Size: 120-180cm (48-72 inches)
  • Average Life Span: 20+ years

    Jeanie said...

    I've never heard of graupel. Interesting. I'm with the cats! Give me a window and the sun!

    Tom said...

    ...we are having chilly starts to our days too!

    Bindu said...

    Cinnamon can go high up on a tree! I love cats and dogs. But, not fond of snakes.

    Karen said...

    oh gosh on the snake!
    I'm happy we are having this string of sunny days. November is a rough month.
    I see a little grapple on the porch this morning.

    RedPat said...

    There was ice on my bird bath this morning! Yikes!

    Angie said...

    Jenn - it was great that you included your foot to give perspective on that massive fungi! I enjoy watching ice skating. We leave the UK tomorrow and I am anxious to check my trail cam and see what's been hanging around the last two weeks!! Pretty sure it won't be a crocodile!

    Nancy J said...

    Cinnamon, your tail tells the huge excitement and possible victory!!! Never mind, lesser and easier targets might come along. Graupel, and -5C, your winter has arrived.

    DeniseinVA said...

    Definitely getting a feeling for Autumn in all your photos. I love them! Enjoyed the videos also. Thanks Jenn and have a great weekend :)

    William Kendall said...

    Cinnamon would like to get his paws on that squirrel.

    DUTA said...

    The autumn colors outdoors are still beautiful!

    DrumMajor said...

    Your area and yards are a nice adventure to experience. I've been in Kansas snow storms for years. I thought it was pellets falling sometimes. Never heard of the word graupel. I even googled it for oodles more info and comparisons on the different kinds of snow. Graupel is better than freezing sleet. Graupel looks like pulverized styrofoam. Linda in Kansas

    Kay said...

    We have no snakes in Hawaii. My mother would freak out. That's the one thing that she is afraid of.

    I had no idea there was a name for the teeny tiny hail. We got those in Illinois too.

    Anvilcloud said...

    I saw a couple of great sunny photo ops, but when I returned witht he camera, it was cloudy. Sigh. said...

    Magnificent fungi.

    David M. Gascoigne, said...

    We had graupel here too, and it didn't want to stop. We were closing up the bluebird trail for the winter and finally gave up. It's about two thirds done so we'll go back and finish the job later this week.