Sunday, 10 October 2021

Off to Almonte Part 1!

 Gilligallou was having a bird seed sale! They've been in business 10 years and were celebrating with customer sales. We hadn't been there in two years. Off we went. This was Thursday, October 7th.  The drive through Perth was lovely. The maples always put on a fine show. 

The trees in Perth are always a fine sight in Autumn.

Perth has put up 212 banners, celebrating war veterans. I tried and found a list of their names (PDF), and you can walk and visit them all by street. Also, there is an alphabetical PDF file of the names. It is a nice gesture. Town employees, Hydro One crews, and Legion volunteers helped raise them. 

The little pops of orange colour are wonderful!
A cycling groups was motoring their way through town.
The maples are magnificent!

We headed up 511 intending to go along Wolf Grove Rd., JB offered to go along the back roads.

From there I led us astray. 

The side roads are much more interesting. Some huge places, and new places.
The fields are ripe for harvest.

I missed telling JB about this turn.
No matter. The sumac are at their prime.

The back roads are lovely, the trees reaching out for one another to tingle one another's leaves.

We rounded a bend, and I spotted 4 deer in the field.

This Almonte garden is wonderful, isn't it?
Almonte has a fine park beside the Hydro Dam. 

They have lots of bird feeders, equipment and various bird seed mixtures. Bob carried out our two bags for us, and we headed for Wolf Grove Rd., again.

They are using JB's grandfather's level, antique now! Also, my late father's measurement converter.


Tom said...

...enjoy your autumn!

Anvilcloud said...

Wolfgrove is a nice drive in autumn, but it doesn't offer spots to park for photos.

I wonder if that cycling group is one that my Flickr friend from Ottawa travels in. They cycle all over.

RedPat said...

You are getting lovely colours. There is very little change here yet.

Nancy J said...

The level and the converter, I have a fold up ruler that was my Dad's, and a book of numbers, figures and more, that all translate, love those autumn colours, and huge homes, I am thinking a lot of families will have two generations living together?? Loved that front garden too, a delightful drive.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful fall colours.

Lowcarb team member said...

Such beautiful Autumn colours, lovely to see.

All the best Jan

E.lizabeth said...

i am always a fan of anything fall. such gorgeous colors. we went out today for a drive and loving all the fall has not fully arrived but it is slowly making it's way here. happy week for ya. take care. ( :

Red said...

You get the reds and oranges that I like. we don't get much red or orange here and then it's not from maples.

Lorrie said...

Back roads are so picturesque. Beautiful scenes.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Jenn, we drive those back roads all the time...looked closely at a house on Wolf Grove to buy. I love Perth, it is my favourite little town. And Almonte is sweet too. Happy travels this time of year with all the trees changing colours by the hour!