Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 33.2


Monday dawned. I opened up the bedroom curtains around 8, and one rose around 9, the other 9:30. It doesn't matter too much, it is vacation.  We hung around and read. It looked like rain, but it missed us.

The only tricky part is coordinating meals. Finally, both girls were breakfasted. I cut up half the watermelon, which disappeared.

I'd found a snake on the driveway, it was dead. I used it as a learning opportunity. Putting the laminated 8 x 10 info sheet beside her placemat, I told Jos where the dead snake was on the front deck. She grabbed the sheet,  and was quite proud when she correctly identified it as a young milk snake. (File photo: this one tried to bite me!)

We discussed a plan for an afternoon trip. I suggested a trip to the canal in Smiths Falls, just for a change, Duck Isl, and Turtle Isl. There was lots to see, and a ton of goose poop! It took us about an hour! I showed our trek with blue arrows. 

The signage was fun. They had to explain F9 to us. 'Fast and Furious 9!

We parked across the road, by the old rail bridge. In the shade, which didn't help much in the heat. Happily, we had the car's air conditioner repaired last week. Whew!

There were lots of geese in the river by the water treatment plant.


We examined the woodpecker hole in the tree on Duck Island.

You can see the pair of swans that belong to Smiths Falls.

We crossed onto Turtle Island. I explained that they had to close this one spring, as the ice ripped down, and caused havok with the bridge. 
They did rebuild it.

From there, we did a full circle, and ice cream was called for, as it was around 30 C.

There were quite a few boats docked, with people lazing about in the sunshine and breeze.

Lots of boats to rent, with cleaning crews preparing them for new renters. You have to do a one-hour safety video in order to take them out. 

The Harvard Trainer!

Jos was in a hurry to go home. She had a virtual French Horn lesson at 4 p.m., I explained that it was a 5-minute drive home. There was time to play, though.

Jos leads like Cinnamon, having to be in front!

Le Boats in the canal locks, the locks built in the early 1800s.

Home, again, for the afternoon movie 🎥! It was The Boss Baby!

At the end of the day, someone came to the door. He was interested in buying our bikes. We just aren't capable of riding any more. Nolan said he wanted to phone his wife and see if she was interested. I said he could just have them! I explained that I expected that someone would just take them, especially if I put a For Sale sign on them. He insisted of giving me $50 for both. That was sweet.

Nolan didn't think both bikes would fit into his vehicle. I brought out the bike rack I'd forgotten we had. Neither of us could figure it out. I haven't used it in years. I was happy for them to go to a good home. He said he'd figure it out another time.

Dinner was spaghetti, with leftovers for lunch the next day!

Lights out for Izzy at 9, I tucked her in. I went down at 9:30 to tuck in Josephine (she'd read all night, if she could! She was sitting up in bed reading, with Cinnamon stretched out on her lap. She asked him to move so she could skootch down. He was reluctant. She just slid sideways, and slid out from under him. Grampa and I fell into bed shortly thereafter!


Tom said...

...I read that someone had a refrigerator at the road with a free sign on it and no one took it. They put a sign with $25 on it and it disappeared.

Christine said...

This lovely summer weather goes by so quickly, perfect for spending time with the girls.

RedPat said...

Another busy day. I have not really gone anywhere since the whole Covid thing started.

Nancy J said...

Phew, I would fall into bed as well after that busy day. What delightful areas so close to home, water, grassy areas, and even the snake got a look in. XXX to you all.

William Kendall said...

Colonel By would be glad that his Canal endures.

Red said...

Harvards made a big impression on me as a little kid as we were beside an airbase and Harvards flew over many times a day. I always wanted them to stop nd pick me up.