Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 31

Heading towards the trailcams, I thought I saw something the other day. She is lactating!

She passed by the good trailcam in the daylight. Then she appeared with the fawn on the cheaper camera. Pffftt. new fawn  


Monday, June 7th

The day began at 5:15 a.m. for me! (Dunno why!) I did my blog post, and did my Angry Birds playtime. I have to play prior to Virtual School, as Google Meet takes up a lot of bandwidth. I was #1!

Downstairs at 7:00-ish I opened up both girls' curtains. Izzy popped out of bed a vit later. We both went down to wake Jos. Izzy took Chaucer, Jos' sleep toy, and put a paw on her nose, "Wake up, Josephine!" Chaucer gave her a hug. Next, Isabelle pulled off the blankets, and said, "This usually works!" It did not. 

"OK," says Isabelle, "It's small annoying bell time!" Eventually, the teenager arose.

After breakfast... "So, motorcycle chick, how's my head?" (That meant there were teeth to do before Momma ripped Grampa's head off!)

"Oh, gotta fix that." Off she went. Jos was taking more time with her bagel, with her new braces. Grampa had to go to the drugstore, and he picked up some oatmeal and plain bagels for today. It doesn't hurt as much compared to last week, she tells us.

I'm continuing to enjoy the birds, not the bugs. I know we cannot have one without the other, but it is ridiculous! There was an eagle high above, from nearby Otty Lake. They have a nest there. 

The kestrel is buzzing the crow's nest, too. I hear it screaming and the crows yelling back. Also, there is a great blue heron who flies overhead almost every afternoon from the lake to the wetland. I've seen it quite regularly.  I wonder where the nest is??!! This is a fun heron photo from Bala.

The morning flew. I looked out the front window, and there was lactating doe, I think it's You Two. She ran across the road, as I held my breath, where she must leave the fawn while she ate my flower buds. She nibbled the lilacs on the way out.

I had a project: fencing. There: chicken wire, which I had in the shed, with flags. My pride flag, too. I'd forgotten about all that, but it came in handy.

We're booked for 2nd doses!!!! After an hour online at the provincial website, the second screen came up, once I waited the hour. After I waited, then got to the next page, they said there were no doses near me.

 JB was more successful with a helpful person at the store. Having done his research, he found a pharmacy near us with Moderna. He phoned from the pharmacy, the person said to go online: pharmachoice.ca. I did that while he was on the phone, and he waited. It did not work. The young lady somehow did it for us, I thanked her profusely.

Jos was working away at the dining room table, and I told her to look outside. There was Butch ambling across the yard! 

Gramma had an idea. It was 35 C. outside, I thought after school wrapped up for the day, we could just pop in at the beach. It was cold. There were tons of caterpillars, a half dozen on our chosen picnic table. There were many LDD caterpillars floating on the water. 

There were 37 people there, a busy spot. There were a couple of water machines zipping around the cormorant or loon, not sure which. Typical. Someone was smoking, and it just stinks as it wafts across the beach. Just a short visit, we toodled home to get warm!

Isabelle had her shower, and I began dinner. We had grilled chicken, with roasted peppers and carrots. Sadly, I didn't cook the carrots long enough for Jos. I felt so badly. 

After dinner, it was teeth (and water pik for Jos), and jammies. The girls listened to an audio book together. 

We konked out not too long after. A good day.


Tom said...

...we have more vaccine than willing people, sick!

RedPat said...

35˚C is too hot for this time of year! Too bad about the sore teeth.

Nancy J said...

I remember from our Daughter's braces days, pureed carrots and parsnips, mashed everything, but so well worth the pain and discomfort. A baby, what a delight to actually see the fawn and Mum.

Cloudia said...

Full life, Jenn!

Out To Pasture said...

That fawn looks very young with it's still wobbly legs. Decided to stick with my original 2nd dose appointment for August.

William Kendall said...

I have two appointments booked, after a lot of issues with the provincial website.