Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 31

 Tuesday, June 8th

Looked like a rainy day... indoor recess! Not that they did that much until later in my career. We toughed it out, and went outdoors, back in my day! Kids borrowed mitts and all from the lost and found.

I opened their curtains at 7, and waited until 7:30 to wake them. Grampa did that this time. The girls arose, Jos liked the soft oatmeal cereal, and it didn't stick to her braces too much. Izzy... I couldn't find her at all! Finally, I saw her coming in from the back deck, where she was eating breakfast! 

Jos forgot her power cord for her laptop. Happily, we all have Apple products and mine works for her, we've been sharing it!

During school breaks, Jos will read and Isabelle listens to music while she sketches. Grampa is following tennis. 

We had a pretty good day, they worked hard, both worked 40 minutes past their scheduled asynchronous time. For dinner we had a pot pie from our local market, as well as peas and corn. The girls cleared the table, rinsed plates, and loaded the dishwasher. Grampa had bought Josephine's favourite ice cream, and the three of us had mint and chocolate chip, which they dished out in parfait dishes. Grampa can't have ice cream, but he cleaned up the kitchen. 

Isabelle had virtual Girl Guides, which was just a chat. Then, teeth and jammies. They listened jointly to an audio book until it was lights out for Izzy (8:30). 

We're in a heat wave, with little rain, clouds dissipating over the land. It was 35 C. and hopefully it'll break tomorrow.

Poor Jos, in the basement, was cold, as I had to put the A/C on. She had to put the heater on. I asked her if we could try the dehumidifier, instead. It gives off some heat, but helps with the humidity. It worked well, raising the temperature in her basement room to about 20 C., while I turn the A/C off in the night.

I decided, before they fledged, to grab a video of the robins. I know Eileen can watched her feeders and bushes while she works out. I can see the robins coming and going to their nest when I do my workout, as well. 

Setting the tripod out the door, when momma robin was gone, I pressed record, disappeared, and hoped for the best. She didn't like the camera the first time and flew towards it. Momma was deeply suspicious. Then, having recharged the camera, I tried another 13 minutes. I estimated it took her 10 minutes to find the food. feeding robins  

The phoebe  are growing and may fledge any time now. 

Doe and fawn, the little one on wibbly legs. You can hear the gray tree frogs singing for love! doe and fawn

The meadow trailcam caught Blond Butch and the crow in the meadow. Both are feeding babies! butch crow  


I put on my red hoodie, sprayed my back with bug spray, and prepared for a trip to the 3 trailcams. I began at the far end of the meadow, moving towards the pond, and I could hear the strangest bird, I thought. I checked cams 1 and 2, and could hear it again. I decided to walk around the pond, as that's where the sound was, and was I ever surprised... raccoon kits  


Anvilcloud said...

So, it was the kits making the sounds? I would have been fooled.

RedPat said...

You have youngsters everywhere!

Tom said...'s been HOT here and we finally received a downpour yesterday afternoon.

Olga said...

It's all about the babies this time of year.

Nancy J said...

The kits, between a cheep, a chirp and a purr. Those lovely wee faces, was the last one holding wee paws over his nose? What a delight to see them, is this the first time for you to see the little ones?

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Gramma Camp seems to be going very well. I'm impressed with how much the kids help.

Red said...

Between grandkids and trail cams, you have a full day.

William Kendall said...

The kits are cute.

Out To Pasture said...

Cute raccoon kits but my favourite was the doe washing her young fawn. Lovely!