Monday, 12 April 2021

Spring, flowers, frogpond, goldfish pond

We're greening up! The girls are here for April break. Izzy promised to help me take the Christmas tree down. Soon, the bird feeders will have to go. 

 The daffodils Isabelle and I planted are beginning to grow. Deer don't like them! I put the trailcam out here. It's in the middle of the photo, to the left of the laundry tree.

This is phoebe, flying from the top of the camera! I thought it a hoot. They are choosing their nesting site, but still undecided.

OK, to my winding tale... Jebbs Creek is high and flowing.


Permit me to vent, or skip this altogether! I took JB in for an eye appointment. He's getting new reading glasses, just like the old ones. I sat and read in the car. It was a lovely day, warm, my car windows were open. A truck pulled up behind me. Suddenly, I could smell cigarette smoke, though. He kept his cigarette outside of the truck and the breeze wafted the smell towards me. I thought I had to move up 3 parking spots and then took a photo. With COVID, it could waft, as well, being an airborne virus. 

Boats in their coats, likely until the May 24 weekend.

Boats in their coats at the marina.

I'm wondering what this is all about. They've cleared this land along highway 15. This was from my trip to the dentist Thursday. Do you know anything about it, Anvilcloud?!

On our way into town, the 😷Tay River Health Centre is coming along. I've been taking photos as the building grows up. They are landscaping, and working on the outside.


I often miss the forsythia, being behind a tree in the front yard. It's not in full bloom, but I bet I forget to check it! 

Cinnamon has been a hoot. He was down at the pond frogging. It's all melted, and teeming with life.

We spotted a blood sucker,  leech in pond . Nothing like the one I found in 2015: when have you seen a leech? That one was huge and swimming around my ankles when I was cleaning out pond debris.

Cinnamon caught a frog, and let it go. Then gave his paws a good wash. Cinnamon frogging

I started up the goldfish pond pump. Cinnamon approved. he loves wandering around the pond, chasing the frogs into the water, where they belong. I think I might put them in this week. 

It was a good winter for the goldfish pond. There were only two dead frogs after it melted. By December, I'd moved 19 frogs to the frogpond. [More froggies in the goldfish pond]

I found these floating in the goldfish pond. They didn't make it through the winter. I can see larvae in the  water, though. They survived the freeze-thaw spring. Giant Water Scavenger Beetle [Hydrophilus triangularis]   They primarily eat dead things. 

Critters in the wetland

JB went out for walkies. He came back. Apparently, Nutmeg had gone with him to the point, a narrow piece of land in the middle of the wetland. It's a lovely spot. Part way there, Cinnamon was sitting on a log jutting out into the water, with his tail in the water. JB paid a bit more attention, and spotted something. He hustled back up to the house to tell me. Cinn stayed put. He thought they were otters. I grabbed the videocamera, put the zoom lens on the tripod and went down. I thought he'd said the frogpond, for some reason. The zoom wasn't much help. I should have known. They are spritely critters, always in motion.

He showed me the spot. Cinn was still there. I moved along, as they don't stay put too long. Turns out, it was a pair of muskrats. I didn't capture a photo, but mystery solved. Here he was searching!
They were right here! Honest!

My tale is done! You're all caught up. Thank you for following along. The week begins anew.


Anvilcloud said...

I don't know what is going on there. I can't remember when I was last on the side of 7, except where the Staples mall is.

Christine said...

Lovely spring blooms. Your Christmas tree is still up!

Tom said...

...spring flowers are always worth the wait.

Rain said...

Oh Jenn...there is nothing that makes me more sick then smelling someone's second hand smoke. Yuck. I love all of the photos, and you have so many nice little flowers blooming! I've only seen dandelions at this point! :)

RedPat said...

Otters in the yard would be wonderful! Cinnamon loves those frogs.

eileeninmd said...

I love all the spring blooms, they are a cheery sight!
Have a happy new week!

Nancy J said...

Tuesday here, love the walks through your wetland, the frog slime washed off, and parking woes, some people are so careless and unminding of others. Are you in total lockdown again? stay safe and well.

Lowcarb team member said...

Great post, a lot to tell and photographs/videos to share :)
I enjoyed my catch-up with you, nice to see the Spring flowers.

Have a good new week, they certainly go fast don't they.

All the best Jan

Red said...

That's dedication to not miss any of your week. You're a busy senior.

William Kendall said...

Tiny flowers like those are showing up here too.