Sunday, 11 April 2021

Chorus frog hunting, etc.

Thursday, April 8th

We're still at it, chorus frog calls last about 2 - 3 weeks! Off we went for another spring drive in the sunshine. It's a nice way to pass the time. 

Righty, back to frogging spot #300, Kenyan Rd. I was dubious. I ended up hear a few wood frogs right beside the road. 

It's a good sign to hear the wood frogs. Still no chorus frogs, though.

This little tree amused me. A splash of green! 

I am wondering about this road. It must be a municipal road, and not a private road, I think. Back in the early days farmers were responsible for maintaining roads around their properties. Municipal governments are now responsible.

I finally remembered to bring my phone, with the GPS, and the saved locations. It really helped.

The spring freshet is quick this year. This little babbling brook was a delight!

People are tapping trees, although I think the professionals are done for the season!

This is a pretty spot. You can see the lake through the trees. I hope you enjoy the scene. These are a combination  of 'cottages' and year-round residences.

JB parked and I wandered listening for love!

The mirror on the road indicates that it's tricky getting out of Major Lane!

I've begged off site #1661, Sundance Lane R1, as there is no suitable location for frogs. It's all lovely forest. This is supposed to be R5, site #1657, according to Google maps! They have not been updated. It's actually O'Meara Bay Lane.

This is site #301, the frogs are singing aways in from the road, on the other side of a forest to the right of the marker. 

Now, this is what I faced, the crow flew right over my head, and across the wetland. The frogs wisely shut the heck up, way back in the water. I think it has a sense of humour. frogging with a crow  

At home, the wood frogs are hopping to it, mating like mad.

Saturday: World Curling in Calgary

It has been good entertainment for JB to watch his curling. He made up his own chart for the results. He's a numbers man. Sadly, Canada is out of it, beaten by Scotland. I heard the results on the 4 am. news. sigh. It means, since JB taped it, I have to keep a poker face to not let him know who won! I'm pretty good at that. 

Also, they've shut the finals down Saturday, suspending play, as someone has tested positive for COVID–19. Not one of the 6 playoff teams, but they are all confined to their bubble barracks as everyone is being tested. There are several asymptomatic cases. They were all tested just before flying home. I believe they thought they'd be OK, but they all flew in from around the world. The bubble did not work.

The rest of Saturday was amazing!


Our COVID–19 numbers are rising, and thanks to the denial of the provincial government about the severity of the variant spread, our Toronto ICUs are full and hospitals are sending patients out of big cities to smaller hospitals. While Canada, as a nation, has universal healthcare, and we ordered enough vaccines (we get ours next week), our provincial premier told us a year ago to enjoy March Break, and many brought the virus home. Then, things went downhill.  Premier Ford should have shut us down 6 weeks ago, but he is in the pockets of his Old Boys Network pals, rather than listening to front line staff and the medical community. He quit high school and he's not the brightest light.
Our MPP is still up to his old tricks, denying the pandemic. Red says his MLA is the same way. Such dipsticks. The MPP is hosting a COVID Denial party. It was held in a pub, and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission has suspended their liquor licence! Happy dance! 


DUTA said...

I like the pictures with the bare trees. These trees have a beauty of their own, different from that of the green ones, but still beautiful.

Tom said...

...and here I thought that all of COVID deniers were south of the border.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It seems the Pollies everywhere just can't really be bothered to face the fact of hard choices. Then again, an awful lot of folk are as keen as they to just 'be normal again' - Sigh... so far to go yet.

And every year I say it - am jelly green that you get to see the curling and here, in its homeland, we do not!!! YAM xx

Red said...

I haven't heard any frogs yet.

Lorrie said...

A fun outing to hunt for chorus frogs! And it's covid-safe!

Lowcarb team member said...

Always nice to enjoy a spring drive in the sunshine.
Lovely photographs.

I'm sorry your Covid numbers are rising.
Stay safe and well.

All the best Jan

RedPat said...

The numbers are scary1 We have to each be so careful! I had my shot 2 weeks ago but am still being cautious!

William Kendall said...

Spring is certainly establishing itself.