Monday 7 December 2020

More froggies in the goldfish pond

 I went out to fetch trailcam cards, and Maggie deer followed me. 

Everyone is hunkering down. The voles are busy beavers. I feel badly smunching them as I walk!

I figured I best go at the goldfish pond, again. I've put 10 frogs back in the pond, plus 2 more Nov. 21st. One more Dec. 2nd, the bullfrog. That makes 13 frogs. Today I moved 6 of them. That makes 19 frogs in the goldfish pond.

This sad froggie was frozen and dead. They can't take the freeze/thaw in the shallow pond. Normally they hibernate in the frogpond. Its temperature is more stable.

I could see them under the ice, behind the rock, so I broke the ice.

I managed to snag two more. 

Down to the pond to break the ice and throw them in.

By the time I went back down, in the afternoon, the ice had refrozen. 
Crikey, three more. I had to get down on my knees and reach in behind the rock. They were cold, slimy and grumpy! It's good exercise for me.
One of them jumped out, maybe a small bullfrog, but missed the hole. I had to nudge him in with the bucket.

It is frozen!

Coyote was here!

Our tree is up!
Caitlin figured out how to make the weather station spit out Celsius. It's just not accurate, at 4 C. this morning. It says that today's temperatures, high and low, are -1 C. and -7 C.  It was actually -4 at the time.
This morning it is actually -7 but it displays 7 C. I am at my wit's end with this thing. 

I hope you can stay safe.

Here is the coyote in the mucky weather. At 24 seconds in, you can see a little mouse on the right of the video. Coyotes and wolves eat a lot of rodents. Coyote

The love the little paws of the raccoons, as they manipulate the pumpkins. Butch Dec 5 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Elizabeth Edwards said...

i know coyotes are around, but i sure don't wanna see them. i think it was Wyoming or Montana we were traveling in that we saw one was almost dust. very cool moment. we have snow falling right now. so fun for the kid in me to see, lol!!! ( ;

Anvilcloud said...

Is the weather station accurate in F?

Rain said...

Hey Jenn :) So nice of you to move those frogs, too bad about losing one of them though. :(

Christine said...

poor frog, yes it is cold today.

Tom said... this morning frogs would be as stiff as a board.

RedPat said...

You are wonderful for saving those frogs!!

Karen said...

Our county has had an outbreak of 12 cases in a closed colony of 30 families. Pretty sure that is the Mennonites. Hope they all get well soon.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Wildlife of every kind are preparing for winter, including humans, I suppose. The critters have more important things on their minds than whether the display shows the correct temperature - survival being high on the list! Stay safe. The vaccine is in the way.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Nice Frog Work!!!

Kay said...

Those frogs are so lucky to have a lifesaver like you.

Jenn Jilks said...

I think it is, AC. Accurate in F. But the switch is awful. I am entrenched in C. It's now accurate, but the minus sign is missing. I dunno.

You know, Karen, I wonder why some sects are in denial, or believe God will protect them.