Thursday, 15 April 2021

☂Spring Break – caregiving week 27 Tuesday! ⛈

They slept in a bit. Isabelle had brekkie out back. Jos out front!

Isabelle and I tried to install the window blind Monday.  I think it is 1/4" too wide, but I worked at it. We nearly did it, but I got frustrated and said we should take a rest. I whittled away at it over the afternoon. It's too bright during some seasons, and cold in winter, when guests have the door closed. It's supposed to be a good blind. Isabelle and I finished it up Tuesday. 

Then she did some of her diamond dotz.

Next project, the dryer vent. Sadly, the drilled holes are too close together. I will borrow Caitlin's cement drill and use some of her screws.

Next, we took the Christmas lights off of the water fountain.

Izzy and I put the pillows out. I have a problem. I cannot find the bolts that hold the awning to the top of the bench swing.

I mixed up a mess of beans. It wasn't bad: shredded carrots, Patak's curry sauce, minced onion, a can of diced tomatoes. I froze the rest for another meal!


Tom said...

...the girls seem to be best buddies!

Nancy J said...

I think maybe the best part of all this Hostage thing is that you have acres, outside areas, loads of space and things to do apart from classes, lessons, getting on the bus on time, and both you and JB have remarkable attitudes that spill over every day into happiness. For some grandparents who are doing the same, in small town apartments, it would be so much harder.When our two were young, we had first of all a one acre property, with lots of lawn, a big garden and some trees, next was three acres, a stream at the edge, and a LOT of trees, now they are adults, our small section doesn't seem to matter. Love the idea of breakfast outside, and a choice of front or back. Stay safe, amid the continuing Covid worries. XXXXX

RedPat said...

Those girls seem to get along so well. And they are such hard workers!

William Kendall said...

Those bolts you're looking for will be found.

In say five years.