Friday, 16 April 2021

⛅Spring Break at Gramma Camp – week 27 ☔

Wednesday morning, I heard giggles coming from the basement. They were telling each other their dreams. Josephine's involved kittens. Isabelle's involved her sister, as a snake. Here is another one!

It's a strange month. Two stat holidays (green) and this week's Spring Break. The 23rd is a PD day. 

We spent a frantic time looking for BB. She has had BB since she was a baby! She was sitting in the arm chair. Looking for a photo I found this blog post:

Gramma camp 2.1 2018

Isabelle and Grampa were going shopping. Izzy put Beebee (her sleep toy) in the chair. I asked, "Will Beebee watch TV while you are gone?"
    "Yes, she has special eyes that can see the TV even when it isn't on!"

The tooth fairy visited overnight. Her BB (apparently the tooth fairy spelled it wrong), is her sleep snuggle.  

Jos did some painting. These are little kits, on sale at Michael's.

Apparently, Josephine painted her hands. I sent Isabelle to take a photo. She was too late!

They fetched the trailcam cards for me. grandies


Thursday – Yucky day for weather

We had 13 mm rain Thursday.
Cold, rainy, 

Breakfast was al fresco!

I FOUND THE BOLTS FOR THE SWING! Now I can attach the awning.

In the morning we took it easy. They watched some YouTube videos. Then lunch. All week they've been having leftovers for lunch (pot pie, baked beans), but now we're back to chicken soup.
Then a nice read. Three p.m. is video time.

We'd not gotten much done, definitely not 'quick and sprightly' to quote Izzy. It's just miserable outdoors. I asked if Izzy was drinking her water, she said she'd forgotten to put lemon in it. She doesn't like our well water!  I offered to spit in her water bottle for her. "GRAMMA!"

I've a list of spring chores to do - the reverse of Fall chores, that they might help me with. We managed some of them.

  • set up bench swing with cushions,  ✅
  • find the bolts for the bench swing canopy,   ✅
  • install the window blind in the guest room/Izzy's office,   ✅
  • take down the Christmas lights,  ✅
  • take down the front yard Christmas tree   ✅
  • open up the water fountain,   ✅
  • recharge the tractor battery, (it works, BTW!) ✅
  • put the fish into the goldfish pond,
  • clean the fish tank,
  • install the new dryer vent, (partly done)
  • make birthday cards for cousin Bryony in Vancouver, NOPE
  • tear down the picket fence around the old veggie garden.

They're back home for the week this afternoon. The provincial government is coming up with some new laws to keep people home. People are still engaging in super spreader events: parties, and such. It's been a long haul. Hopefully we get our injections Saturday.


Tom said...

...a yucky day here too and today isn't a whole lot better!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Brave lassies, barefooting the undergrowth!

As of today, Scotland is a bit freer (still no inside mixing) and folk can travel beyond five miles and mix in groups of six. I do hope that all caution is not dropped however... this optimist has become something of a 'hesitationist' with all the back and fro of the past year. YAM xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jenn !
You are so busy I got tired just reading this ! LOL
Seriously though you and the grandkids are having a lot of fun and that made me smile ;-)
Did you get your first shot and are waiting for you second now ? We got our first one but have no idea when the second one will happen .. Astra Zeneca was not my choice but when that is all they have it is better than nothing right ?
The trilliums I have .. the Loblaws garden center usually get one shipment of native plants that include Jack-in-the-Pulpit with trilliums and a few other native plants. But you have to get to them FAST to get good healthy ones because they sell VERY quickly. I was lucky last year and grabbed quite a few because this is a one and only event at the beginning of the year. I had always wanted these beautiful natives in my back shade garden and I am thrilled they seemed to have taken well.

Christine said...

Special times!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hope you get your injections at the scheduled time. We got our on Monday, glad to get them before cut backs to supplies in our health unit.

RedPat said...

You are doing well with your list of chores!

Nancy J said...

I hope that everyone in Canada can adhere to restrictions, not like those in India where the masses crowded together in the river. They apparently had no thought for the virus, their own safety, or others. Your grass is greening up, and the day looked lighter. Here we have rain, and grey skies.

William Kendall said...

I am beyond discouraged by the current situation.

The Furry Gnome said...

We got our shots today.

DeniseinVA said...

Thanks for the smiles here. Your grands are so sweet.

Kay said...

You are the best of grammas!