Thursday, 1 April 2021

Gramma Camp – Week 26

NEWS BULLETIN: they found the little 3-year-old lost in the woods not far from us. What a blessed relief. Today, it is snowing.

Happy Grampa. We've just a little deer food left. We stop feeding them after winter. JB went outside, having spotted Zola with the broken leg. As he walked towards the feeder, a deer ran up to him. It was Zola. She is not cured, but she can run, even with the broken leg. 

I was happy to have made JB an appointment for a vaccine. He gets his first jab at the end of April. It's a 40-minute drive into Brockville, which is doable. A bit ridiculous, I think. It's so stressful. We've so many appointments for healthcare. I don't qualify, yet, being under 70, and I dread more driving for appointments. We have a few this week, we'll see what is or isn't cancelled. 

Isabelle helped JB feed the cats, and then she fed the fishies. His neck is still bad. She's a peach. 

Today, we're getting our new summer tires on. Sadly, it is snowing, but it won't last!

We're sending the Easter decorations the girls made for their cousins to Vancouver. I wrote a note to go with it.

Jos is having fun with math. Both girls love math. What I noticed, since Jos has to email them to me to print, is that the teachers are using American learning activities. We use the metric system in Canada. It's a moot point, now. Rumours are we're going into a month-long shutdown in Ontario. Other rumours say not the schools or daycare. 

Josee's working hard on math and Gr. 8's "Systems in Action." She was filling in this worksheet. It looks like it's not meant for Gr. 8, but the Gr. 4 'Pulleys and Levers' curriculum. Oh my. My M.Ed. was in Curriculum and Technology!

Our standing joke is the 'postcards' we keep giving Isabelle. It's an ad for something. She feigns excitement!
I put on Frosty's Easter tie, but it is a bit faded.
The meadow is still a bit of a pond.
The frog pond is waking up and life is reawakening. Not tonight, we're forecast for -8 C.

You can see Isabelle tree climbing in the rain!
We've had rain, and you can see where the water barrel drains into the goldfish pond.
I tucked them in. Jos and Cinnamon! They worked hard all day.


Anvilcloud said...

The vaccine thing is confusing and frustrating.

DeniseinVA said...

So happy to learn the little boy had been found. That must have been terrifying for the family. Good news about Zola, at least she seems to be carrying on and may she do so for many, many years pain free. Good news on JB’s appointment also. I hope it won’t be long before you get yours. We are both over 70 so are now done for the time being. Sweet Easter decorations. Sorry to hear you might be going into another lockdown. Enjoyed looking at your life through these photos. Time with your grandchildren must be wonderful!

Tom said... amazing story.

Christine said...

So glad the little boy was found, it was all over the news yesterday.

Rain said...

Oh that hideabed looks very cozy! I just dealt with a flat tire, but at least they were guaranteed because I got them at CT and had them installed there, they fixed it for free, winter tire still though. I'm going to wait until mid-month to put the summer tires on! Thank goodness they found that little boy, how scary!!

DUTA said...

Still, no idea what the problem with JB's neck is?
Hopefully, you find out before the vaccination.

RedPat said...

I was so relieved to hear that they had found that little guy! The parents must be in quite a state.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It looks like a good time is being had by all!!

Red said...

The vaccination program is a disaster. I'm going to need new shots before everybody else gets theirs.

The Furry Gnome said...

Jenn, I often can't get your blog to load. It keeps retrying. But tonight it worked just fine.

William Kendall said...

So good about that child being found.

Angie said...

Jenn - as I have said before, I think I would like to be one of your grandkids! I didn't know about the missing 3-year-old, but I sure am glad the child was found! We are still waiting to get our vaccines, but at least we are at the stage where we are playing phone tag to make an appointment! Happy Easter!