Friday, 2 April 2021

Gramma Camp – WEEK 26

 I went out in the rain on Wednesday to check on my canoe. The local Facebook page for the lake showed a green canoe floating past. It wasn't mine. Mine was still there, A tad under water, but that was OK. Sadly, I didn't take my camera. There were 3 young otters playing on and under the ice. They bobbed up 2 m. in front of me, made eye contact, and slowly swam off. This was the day I didn't take my camera!

This was from a couple of years ago. They visited our frogpond and dock.

Grampa did a dinner show on Wednesday! [Magician 1(below) |  Magician 2📹 |  Magician 3 📹] 

Grampa did a bit of a shop. I've done a big online shop to be picked up tomorrow. Then, he took the car in for new summer tires. The girls worked madly, the last day of school this week. Josephine finished early.

I went down the hall to check on Iz. She was working on an April word search, but couldn't find any of the words. 
        "Is there anything else you can work on?"
        "Yes, Izzy?"
        "Oh, Gramma, you're so funny!" Easy audience!

At break time, Isabelle went outside, Jos wasn't interested. Iz came roaring back in, "IT's COLD out there!" It was below zero.

Later, I managed to get Josephine to go down to the trailcams with me. I have one on the dock to check for ducks, as well as the frogpond  one. 

As I watched her run to the camera (maybe to keep warm), I spotted a hawk. You'll have to trust me. I whispered to her, she couldn't quite see it from her vantage point. When I turned back to show her, it had flown. Honestly. This is right near where we saw the owl with the rabbit. Dang.

Back at the house, the poor little crocus shiver in the cold and the sunshine.
I've some work to do on my water barrel. I drained it, since our overnight temperatures were -7 C. This one has a leak. I'll have to add this to the ToDo list!
The daffodils aren't quite ready.

The bulbs will be fine, I think. We've often had snow in April, but this is ridiculous. 

Our Premier has ordered another lockdown, shutdown,  closure of non-essential services.  
Schools are still going to be open (?), but they will respect the March Break, now the April break.  WHEW!!!!!


Anvilcloud said...

Hopefully, the whatever it is, will bring down the rates and by the end of the month we'll be doing better with vaccines. Gotta get them into arms. Just gotta.

Tom said...

...never leave home without your camera!

RedPat said...

It would be thrilling to see the otters!

Gaelyn said...

I agree with Tom. But you still got some good shots of Spring on its way. I like Grammacamp.

Karen said...

Well, the rates will drop and things will open again and the rates will rise, hopefully not so much that we don't get thrown in the slammer again.

Nancy J said...

Down in any form or style, that man is a whizz with his words. Your bulbs are all looking like spring is near, surely soon the temps will level out for you. We have been getting colder mornings, 4C down south, 6C here, and a LOT of rain.Meantime the woodshed is filling up nicely, and woe-betide anyone who says you are lucky to get free firewood, A friend collects heavy pallets that are left on sides of streets and construction sites, we take the trailer, he heaves them all in, we jam the tailboard shut, drive 35 minutes home, unload, Hugh chainsaws then up, then they go onto the wheelbarrow to be heaved into the shed. But I am so thankful for every piece.

William Kendall said...

Otters are fun to watch.

NatureFootstep said...

love to see yoru video and nature. Your spring is way ahead of ours. I could really lvoe to see both frogs and otters but don´t think it will happen as otters live further north and places suiting frogs are rare nowadays.
Take care!