Friday, 4 December 2020

Gramma Camp Week 19 – Wednesday

I awoke to a couple cm of snow. 

The girls woke, and I made them scrambled eggs (leftover from the hilarious Choux disaster at Gramma Camp – Week 19 Tuesday). Teeth done, they retired to the couch to read (Isabelle) or draw (Josephine).

Isabelle is up to page 472 of her 789-page book, which she began on Sunday.

School was tricky. Both girls had substitute teachers. Isabelle, for a week now.  Jos had two substitutes, and the French sub didn't speak French.  They basically assigned the work and said go to it. The teachers divvy up their hour into two classes. At one point, the teacher came online and said, "Whoops, you should have begun art 10 minutes ago." It wasn't their best day, but we got through it.

 I closed myself up in the bedroom and wrapped Josephine's presents. She is 13 on Dec. 9th. Her party is all planned. They will all watch the same movie while on Google Meet and all order pizza. Kids are so adaptable. 

As lunch warms up, they are playing paddle ball in the kitchen. Outside it is pouring snow. Cinnamon thought he spotted a frog. 

We counted 7 deer. As I looked out the backyard, I realized Maggie the doe was there. She's the one who has had a dislocated ankle since 2011. Grampa went walkies. I took photos, then grabbed the videocamera. (The video is below.)

They all turned to look at him, and came walking towards him, the Deer Whisperer. 

Sunset was lovely.

We did a Facetime meeting with Momma and Papa for Josephine's 13th birthday. I'd phoned Momma, and planned for a 6 p.m. cake and presents. Dec. 9 is her day, but we won't see her, so here we are! We thought we'd do it Wednesday, since we can have cake for dessert Thursday, before they go home Friday.

It's traditional, starting with my grandmother, to give a present to the non-birthday child! Here she is, she gave me a doll in her kitchen on Cottingham Ave. in Toronto.

Isabelle was given some non-birthday Lego. 
Momma and Papa on Facetime! 
Grampa brought home some flowers, too. I put a yellow rose on each student's desk.

In the late afternoon, a buck came through. He was on the trailcam Nov. 9th. Here he was on Wednesday. buck from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

These are the deer in the backyard. I counted 7, including Maggie the doe! deer Dec.2 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Anvilcloud said...

We used to do that present thing to the other, but it seems to me that we stopped at some point as the kids grew.

I really like how the deer under the tress turned out, almost bw and white but with those subtle colours. Very nice.

DUTA said...

The girls bring in a ray of light compared to the gloomy outdoors.
Even the lovely deer and sunset can't give winter a touch of nicety.

Tom said...

...but what a gift you are giving your granddaughters!

RedPat said...

How lovely to have all of those deer around!

eileeninmd said...


Happy birthday to Josephine. I would be happy to be able to watch all those deer in my yard, you are lucky. It is weird the substitute teacher for French does not speak the language? Take care, have a happy weekend!

William Kendall said...

The deer must all be quite used to him.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

One school in our board just closed, as they had a positivie test and a few pending, the reason being they are cannot cover staff absences while some are self isolating. There are no supplies.