Saturday, 19 December 2020

Gramma Camp in a year of COVID – Week 20 last day


I love the ads in December!

We ended up the day watching The Polar Express!

And playing with cats! (I do have the furnace on! Honest!)

All dressed up for the season!


 Up we got. First coffee, then wake the girls.

 The kids keep posting the stories of Noël. This time in a bubble bath!

The cats go out first thing, then come in. Sometimes not so willingly. Josephine fetched Cinnamon.

I watch Your Morning in the morning. Since COVID, they've had a graphic to tell us what day it is. When the FRIDAY sign came on, Josephine cheered!

Grampa had this funny idea. Every morning he's been a crossing guard, ushering the girls to the "bus." They are doing virtual school, so it really is funny.

 Instead, he bought a school bus from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I went down to the new trailcam, but since it was -15 or somesuch, no critters appeared. Except, this critter on the frozen frogpond, looking for mice friends.

I kicked the pumpkin. That was a mistake. It was frozen solid. What was I thinking?! It hurt.

I don't know where the day went, but we had the girls pack up, and we shut down school by 3:30. I texted Momma, and we prepared for the meet up and Hostage Exchange. On the way, there were several outdoor rinks with hockey nets. First, two girls were doing their thing. The fields are quite wet, nice and flat and frozen.
Then, this place had a whole pond. I took a photo in the setting sun, and on the way back.

This house has been renovated. They are building an atrium on the back, as well. What a job!
They played a make-me-smile game. 
Decorations are up!

Winter vacation is here! Two weeks off. At least. There are rumblings about shutting down southern Ontario for three weeks, not the normal two. We shall see what happens on Monday. 

South Ontario has had some bad numbers. Ours, in south east Ontario, are going up slightly. 

Ontario doctors are begging the government to shut us down, as some (Toronto, Peel, etc.) have stuffed ERs, ICUs, and facilities.

We sent the girls home with Momma. Our week was done.
Now, these are drive-by shootings, and not great. I really don't know the correct settings. We'll go with artsy!

Home, we put our feet up. Canned soup for dinner. We were baffed, but happy to have done our part. It's school holidays!


Anvilcloud said...

With Christmas coming rapidly, I don't suppose it will be long until you see the girls again.

Tom said... folks sure dress in the Christmas spirit. said...

The ads are definitely more interesting in December. Thanks for you lovely comments about my work. Happy holidays.

eileeninmd said...


The holidays are a fun time for the family. The drive-by Christmas lights are a pretty sight. Take care, enjoy your weekend. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Christine said...

Happy had me at 'drive by shootings', these days you never know what you will hear!

Nancy J said...

And so the school term ends. BUT, the bus driver needs some driving lessons, maybe over the holidays. Put your feet up, both of you, have a huge pat on your backs, well done, and relax until next year.XXXX

Karen said...

We had a drive home in the dark a few days ago. It was nice to see so many beautiful light displays.

RedPat said...

You have done well!

Lorrie said...

You guys are wonderful grandparents! Love the crossing guard and school bus! Enjoy the break. You deserve it!