Sunday, 20 December 2020

Lake Effect snow and chores

Yes, it was a bit chilly Saturday.

Sunday, we were warned about ice rain, but that won't happen.

It's an interesting phenomenon, Lake Effect snow. You can see where the radar is predicting rain over the Great Lakes.
There is very little ice cover, right now. That's why the storms pick up so much moisture. The water has temperature inertia, and is only beginning to form ice in a few areas.
Then, there is the Great Lakes currents map
Back in Muskoka, this is what it looks like on the lake on a snowy day, January, 2010.

 In Muskoka, the lakes are so deep, with boulders strewn. Lots of granite and pink pretty rocks.

Out and about

The goldfish pond is as frozen as... _________. Well, you can fill in the blank.
What's strange is the area around the rock at the end. The ice is about 10 cm thick, otherwise.
I love the bright green moss. Don't look at the coyote poop on the tree trunk!
I noticed this little hole. I like the frost around the edges. A tree once stood here, now long gone.

 With the leaves all down, I can see across the wetland. I've learned to love it. Things are pretty shallow here. Otty Lake, nearby, has a maximum depth of 60'. It's quite a different ecosystem.
My new banner is a bit frosty.
I love this cedar stump shape.

Outdoor and Indoor Chores

Outdoors, I cleaned the bird bath. Lots of ice crystals, and bird poopies. I came in the basement door, and forgot to bring the equipment in. Today it is snowing.

Happily, it was a bit warmer Saturday. I managed to set the VIDEO mode for my new trailcam. (I re-re-read the itty bitty manual!) 
I brought the battery in from the lawn tractor. I hope it's not too late for it. I totally forgot. It wasn't on the list! [Fall chores]
Trying to saw up the broken branch in the back with the skilsaw, the battery died after three cuts. Back to square one. 

Indoors, I did laundry, two loads of sheets. I remade our bed, and I shall look forward to getting in and snuggling in clean sheets. Small pleasures!

Grampa managed to put the decals on his school bus. Also, he made them masks, after Josephine noticed the figures didn't have them. They are socially distanced in their seats, as well. YAY! Winter break for two weeks!
Isn't it adorable!

The kids have their abominable snowman up! 
And Caitlin's Christmas presents have been sent home. I bought them at the craft show last week!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Season's Greetings my dear J&J!!! No snow here - it has been far too mild, but can't help think we'll be hit with it later in the winter.

The YAMster is back in her own wee Hutch as of yesterday; not at all feeling festive. Just can't get the head around that one, or the facing of a fresh year, but with the same old news that has blighted 2020. We are facing 'tier 4' restrictions. Why the pluck the powers that be don't just say total lockdown again and get on with it I don't know. History will have a bonanza when it comes to dissecting behaviours around COVID.

Sigh. Forgive my being a bit absent still for a few more weeks as I readjust to life here and get my self straightened out. Thanks for our continuing connection. Much love, YAM xx

Olga said...

I love your frosty pictures.

Tom said...

...a snow rain mix here, I prefer snow!

Nancy J said...

You will definitely have a white Christmas. Sending presents, the north ones went with Grandson on Saturday morning. He had a Friday night stay here. The NEWS!! Drum Roll, you might have heard my delight, I will have the first cataract surgery in about 3-4 months, on the morning list, so the post-op check will be done 2 hours after the surgery, and no need to travel in the next day.Love your view through the bare trees, even in winter every tree still has beauty.

Anvilcloud said...

It doesn't look as though this snowfall will last either. Meanwhile, have a good week.

Red said...

Weather has been up and down. we get very cold and then it rains. Rain here is bad as it won't be warm enough to thaw.

Ontario Wanderer said...

No grass growing under your feet. You seem to be on the move all the time.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Not much snow up our way. But cold especially stacking wood. Yes, there is definitly beauty to be found in this season too. Always enjoy your photos.