Saturday 3 October 2020

Deer, Butch, Fisher

Things had been pretty quiet on the trailcams, aside from the deer and the cat.

Momma Butch seems to still have 3 kits, although one of them is still small.

Butch and kits from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving is next weekend, but the turkeys are still small!

turkeys from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

This may be the reason why she only has 4 chicks left!

fisher from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

I saw the fisher on the trailcam a year ago. And in January and February, but not since.

Saturday's Critters #355


eileeninmd said...

Hello, Jenn

I love the deer, they are always so sweet.
The Fisher is a cool critter, neat captures.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

Tom said...

...we are in the Adirondacks and have seen a number of deer and turkeys.

Rain said...

Great capture of the fisher Jenn! I love seeing your trail cam captures. Ours really failed. We bought another one and it came damaged so we had to return it, up for this year!

Anvilcloud said...

That first trailcam photo is very nice with the deer well centered and looking into the camera.

RedPat said...

I spotted 2 police cars of cops in a stand-off with a raccoon in front of a home along Keele St this morning. The raccoon was not amused!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I always love relaxing while watching your webcams! You have so much wildlife there...things we never see here! Happy weekend!

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for posting these :)

All the best Jan

Yvonne said...

Never heard of a Fisher before, so had to look it up. Nice video cam shots.