Thursday, 9 July 2020

Water fountain, A/C, critters

What a heat wave we have! This was first thing in the morning, overnight temperatures...

By the afternoon...

Our air conditioner doesn't seem to be able to lower the indoor temperature below 25 C. As I edit this, yesterday's  indoor 'low' was 26 C. I wonder how much a new one costs?!  About $3500. Ah well. This one is over 20 years old, according to the sticker. It doesn't owe us anything. We're getting a new one Monday. We've a slush fund for emergencies. 

I posted about our lilies, Lawn and Flowers. and Wednesday morning, the flowers in the first photo, and more, were nipped in the bud! The third hosta was partly targeted, as well. Oh, my. She's a pretty little deer.

I've ONE left, and I DID bring it indoors! Goofy deer. She has a whole forest.


We're still doing well lowering the COVID–19 cases. I'm happy with the southeastern Ontario results, as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) had most of our Ontario cases, which are now going down. 
We need testing, information, and contact tracing. This has done us well. The poor US. A couple of days with 50,000 new cases, then, yesterday, 60,000 new cases. 

Their infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci, rumour has it he's not allowed to appear on TV anymore. He speaks truther, oops, no the White House is full of truthers and liars. He speaks the truth.

Forest Critters

Down in the forest, the fawn was yelling at the camera, or the bugs! We'll call her a she. She's awfully cute, and likes her selfies.

I knew something was at it. This is how the camera usually sits, with a small stick to angle it, to keep it focused on the ground. It was missing when I arrived. I knew something was up. I was quite excited, actually, as I often wonder what goes on in the forest. 

Sure enough... a curious bear. I laughed. 


JB went for his regular early morning walkies in town. It's cooler at 6 or 7 a.m., and a lovely walk. My back hurts too much, walking. I've been exercising indoors.

JB spotted some friends. A pair of muskrats, but also a snapping turtle, who chose not to surface for a photo-op. I really like the first one, rather artsy! The texture in the water is wonderful.

This is the fish that got away! A biggie. Honest, he tells me...

And, a hare.


Tom said...

...I hate to complain. but it has been too darn hot!!!

DUTA said...

Excellent news about Covid cases going down! Hats off to the canadians and to the canadian authorities! Keep up the good work of following the guidelines! New Zealand and Belgium have proved that it's possible to fight the virus.

eileeninmd said...


It is always great to be ready for some kind of home repair. Love the cute deer and bunny. Take care, enjoy your day!

Karen said...

I like to sit out in my screen tent on the back porch on the early mornings. It was already HOT this morning. My bird friends were all back in the forest. The deer flies and horse flies were tormenting the poor dog, so once the first cup of tea was done we moved back indoors.
My AC is 20 years old too. It broke down last year but Michael was able to fix it. We have our fingers crossed. I find having lots of fans blowing helps circulate the cooler air from the AC.

Anvilcloud said...

The deer was very cute, but did you then smear honey on the camera? :)

Nancy J said...

Go and get that new AC. Two days ago I finally bought a new clothes dryer, the olde one does go, it will have a new home, but is over 23 years old. The bear, curiosity? Looking for a new toy? Or just plain annoyed with something he didn't like? Heat wave, here we have snow, roads closed, fire going day and night, and cats getting by the fire all day.Love those water images, so pretty.

Olga said...

THis is certainly not a proud moment for the U.S. in my opinion. VT is doing pretty well keeping the virus under control. I am glad I left FL when I did.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jen .. that deer really made me smile .. made me think of one of my macap cats that would treat through the house for the fun of it. You are right about the picture with the muskrat .. it looks like a Monet to me with the clouds reflected in the water and that calm ripple affect ... BEAUTIFUL !
I just read your post below about your saga with cataract surgery, or the on surgery happening. I'm so sorry you tow are going through this and so much on top of it.
I had surgery last year and I consider myself incredibly lucky .. the difference was amazing and I am grateful every day I wake up and see so well.
I still have to use glasses for reading of course .. but I am THANKFUL!
I suffer from dry eye too and have t use drops daily ..Thealoz Duo from my optometrist .. it is better than most of the over the counter drops .. maybe if you can give it a try ? I hope the best for ou guys with all you have to handle .. take care ! Joy
PS .. what is up with that crazy bear ? LOL

Christine said...

Our 22 year old air conditioner capacitor broke but we will likely eventually have to replace time.

RedPat said...

I hope the new air conditioner does the job. We keep ours at 25.5˚C which is fine with the humidity taken out of the air and ceiling fans going too. This is a summer to remember for so many reasons!

Red said...

Those temperatures are very uncomfortable.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The heat!!!! we are staying inside most of the time, though did go for an early morning walk by the bay to see the swan family. Lots of inside projects getting done.