Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Cataracts II

Still blurry eyed. I had an appointment with a new surgeon, July 7th. Friday, July 3rd, I phoned to confirm. It took me three tries. Finally, there was a message, telling us if we hadn't been contacted, we didn't have an appointment. Give up hope. 

An hour later, we had a voice mail saying that my appointment was on. I had to confirm, by pressing a number. 
Saturday morning, a phone call from a real person in their office saying I didn't manage to leave a message and confirm the appointment, but they wanted to let me know that they are going to have to postpone my appointment as they have no way of measuring my eyes, doing the surgery, or preparation, as the machines aren't up and running. I explained that my husband has cancer, and I am having double-vision, and cannot comfortably drive him to appointments. She relented and said to come in.

I was diagnosed a year ago. [Cataract Surgery Part I]  
Off we went into the city, at 10:30. We were armed with masks, water, a packed lunch. Instructed to come in for noon. 

It did not bode well. The dark car in front of us was wandering over the yellow lines this way and that. The silver car was tailing it. sigh.

Perth has been giving businesses special permission for patios. We've read that many restaurants have found that they have kept their heads above water, staying in the black, through their take out policies. This is good.

There were a lot of cyclists on the road. This chickie liked to swerve left to avoid potholes. I hope she has a long and happy life. We had to slow to a crawl.

Barrhaven has some nice signage.
It was HOT. The car thermometer read 34˚ C. and the fields are brown.

Southeastern Ontario enacted a new requirement for masks July 7th. We had some, thankfully. It was an uneventful drive. 
Entering the office, there was signage indicating masks are required, and to use hand sanitizer. I did. I moved up to the reception desk, behind plexiglass. The lovely secretary said to use hand sanitizer. I told her I had. There was a couple there, and the woman told me to use hand sanitizer. I snapped and began to weep. (What stress?) There are too many COVID cops in the world. The couple left. The secretary washed down the seats where they had sat. 

Drops in, we waited 20 minutes until the drops took effect. The doctor took note of the meds I am on, and asked about my various medical issues. He had the info from my original evaluation last July at my optometrist's office. I explained that I was not getting any information from the first surgeon I visited. His office kept putting  me off. He assured me this isn't normal practice. As I suspected, they should be able to give me adequate timelines, during non-covid times. I seethed inside, wanting to scream at the time wasted. 

Dr. B examined me and I have anterior cortical cataracts. Not as bad as some, but an operation anytime soon is out of the question. He saw several people with cataracts worse than I. He apologised. It's not comforting, but I can still drive if I had to. 

The blurred vision is supposed to due to dry eye. I'm supposed to use something like Systane, as well as cold compresses. When I read, I don't blink as much. This results in itchies. He only has 2 or 3 surgery days in August, and I'm not serious enough. He's had to cancel 75% of his surgeries due to COVID–19. 

Before the procedure, I need to have my eyes measured. I can be done in two ways, but the laser measurements are more accurate, and cost $350, otherwise it would be paid for by OHIP if it was done by ultrasound. 

He said we don't have many options. His waiting list is long. 

Who wants to mess with their eyes? It really creeps me out, but right now it's as if there is a flashlight being shone in my right eye. Totally disconcerting for a calm person, but I have anxiety. 

Our decision? A referral to a private clinic. I'll keep you posted. 

In the meantime, an UPDATE from another person with cataracts. [How are you faring?]

Robin McGee lobbied for her cataract surgery to be permitted. She won her battle. The government in Nova Scotia originally forbade it, but then gave a private clinic permission to do her surgery at her cost. She is a priority, since her cataracts are due to her chemo treatment. She has to have them done prior to more chemo (her third session) this summer for her colon cancer. I'm happy for her. She's had a time of it, with botched diagnoses, the subject of her book. She's worked hard to change the system in N.S. She's won 7 awards for her self-published book and gotten a lot of great publicity.


Christine said...

So glad you had an option and could choose it.

Tom said...

...not great news about your medical system!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OH those medical fights... am in the process of trying to get various things sorted for dad now that some flex has come into the safeguarding bizzo. Tomorrow a full physio assessment - next week the Parkinsons's nurse specialist ... and a discussion with an organisation for a night care person as dad really is a 24 hour prospect now and am nearly at the end of my very long tether... YAM xx

eileeninmd said...


Sounds like ordeal, sorry. I have the blurry eyes from my Sjogrens, which causes dry eyes. I hope you are able to drive safely. Take care, stay safe!

RedPat said...

I feel your frustration! I'm reaching the end of my patience with everything.

DUTA said...

Sometimes, a delay is for the better.
Perhaps, you can have a second/third opinion and improve your eyes without surgery.

Karen said...

oh man! I am also boiling on your behalf.

Red said...

Just when you think a run around can't get any worse it does. They seem to be very reluctant to do cataracts these days.

Anvilcloud said...

I feel like things have gone overboard, but what do I know really.

Jenn Jilks said...

They are doing limited surgeries, but I'm on a long waiting list.

Well, @Duta, I'm on my third doctor, and they all agree I have cataracts, and surgery is the only option. My eyes are deteriorating, and they are very uncomfortable.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

such a long ordeal for you