Thursday, 11 June 2020

Trailcams, wind sock, bats

It's been raining, for which we are grateful. 🌧 JUNE 🌷 Sadly, Ontario had some storm damage and power outages. 

JB left at 7 a.m. to do groceries. Bless his heart! 
We've had some characters on the trailcams!

The frogpond is turning into wetland. 
P.S. I found my book. It lists cattails, but mine aren't listed there. 

Mine are the same, but minus the cattail at the end of the summer. They have feathery flowers. I shall persevere. It's narrowed down to grasses, sedges and rushes. Yet, cattails are in the aquatics family, typha latifolia. I have some more research to do!

I did end up with a clean book shelf, though. General Grant guards it. We bought the print in Seattle way back when. JB is a history buff.

JB is walking twice a day, as evidenced by the photos above! He found his hands were getting itchy. He wears gloves to keep the mosquitoes off of them. Looking at the new glove packaging, he found a warning: " This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer..." They are now in the garbage. Just the thing a man managing cancer shouldn't use. What is wrong with companies?

I bought a Pride flag for June, Pride Month. I guess it is a wind sock. The pole is a clever design, heavy has heck, though. It spins on a piece of rebar, secured with two more that have to be removed for service. I'm finding a bit more energy and hope, and managing to get yard work done.

And, just to keep us on our toes... we had a bat in the house last night. It flew down the hall. They come in through the chimney, methinks. JB noticed it asa we were watching the Australian DVD mystery series dear Yam suggested, The Code

You'll recall this happened before. I knew what to do: close the bedroom doors. Sadly, the little thing went under the bed. We both went to bed, hoping for the best. The cats sniffed around, but didn't find it.

JB woke up at 10:30 to pee, and realized Cinnamon was tracking the bat behind the mirror. He grabbed the butterfly net and threw it outdoors. I didn't even wake up. I was tired. I hope you like this video, it's a golden oldie. 


Tom said...

...we got a welcomed rain overnight, but not like yours.

Karen said...

It rumbled and raged here for about half an hour, then went on it's merry way. We got off easy, but yes, thankful for all the rain we can get!

eileeninmd said...


We had some thunder storms last night and is pretty cloudy today. I would not like to see a bat inside the house. UGH!

Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

RedPat said...

I think we got 10 minutes of heavy rain. I couldn't sleep with a bat under the bed!

Anvilcloud said...

Quite a difference between the cats in that video.

Gaelyn said...

You catch people coming through on your trailcam? At Bryce, bats get in government housing and there is always a concern about being scratched or bit in one's sleep and getting rabies.

The Furry Gnome said...

Phragmites is steadily replacing cattails in some wetlands around here. It has a feathery large grass like frond on the top. A nasty invasive species!

Nancy J said...

Your rain travelled down here, wet this morning. Bats, that looks like it is on a circular trail, they must be unusual to come inside when there are humans and cats. Your grass is growing greener every day, love the trailcam captures.

Jenn Jilks said...

@Furry Gnome, you are brilliant! I've been trying to read my book, but my eye balls. My left eye just goes into double visions.

@Gaelyn, That is me in the red hoodie, and hubby is the comic. We've 16 acres, surrounded by a wetland. It's not passable!

@Anvilcloud, that's our late Dorah and late Buster. Both gone!

Christine said...

Bless JB, a good helper!

Red said...

Check out reed canary grass. It's very invasive species in our wetlands and water ways.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

As FG says above, phragmites are a huge issue, beautiful, but very damaging to wetland ecosystems. As always, of course, a guide book is exactly that - a guide! The organism you are looking for never seems to be there! But I have seen different copies of the same bird guide where the colours of the illustrations are seriously off - differences in print runs I suppose. I always counsel novices to take into account habitat, behaviour etc. Consider the whole organism not just the picture in the book.

Jenn Jilks said...

Gosh, a whole pond full of it. I have no way to get rid of it all, either. sigh.