Monday, 15 June 2020

Docktails and forest tales

I had some fun critters, finally. I did a screen capture of the raccoon and the bat. I bet it wasn't the one we had in the house last week! 

The video also shows a young raccoon, as well as our doe.

Also, the turkeys. If you wish a musical forest walk, listen!

Cinnamon and I went forest walkies. JB's been taking him to the climbing tree. He was clearly familiar with it!

He looks up, as if contemplating the height. 

Next stop, the dock. These phragmites are eating up the pond.

We were standing on the dock when a bird flew over. Once I zoomed in with the camera, I could see it was our barred owl. 

No matter the poor sighting, I've some great barred owl photos! I cannot be greedy. This from 2013.

When we were done searching for the owl, Cin roared up behind me. 

As an aside, I had been hearing a bird in the canopy. I was determined to try to find it. I donned the long-sleeved hoodie, sprayed bug spray on my back, and on the back of my hands. It's tricky watching where I am walking, and yet looking up in the trees. I could hear something behind me, Cinnamon! I was really lucky to grab a photo. Big help! 

Resorting to Twitter, @TheIneptBirder gave me two suggestions, according to the audio.  Red-eyed vireo or this one. We've lots of vireo. There are two of these. One in the backyard forest, and another down in the meadow.

I went off to All About Birds, and matched it up. 

Eastern Wood-Pewee from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen !
Are you sure Cinnamon isn't related to the wild Scottish cats ? LOL .. He looks so at home in the forest it awesome !
I love that you have such wonderful audio with your videos .. I miss those sounds of the forest .. those turkeys were on stealth mode walking by.
I had to look up the phragmites , they are taking over marshlands here too and it worries me because we have little pockets of frogs that I so look forward to hearing in the Spring.
You had a bat in the house ? ... OMG .. I would be hiding under my bed ! LOL
We had racoons about 8 years ago for 3 years in a row .. they thought we were a B&B for racoon families .. now that was an expensive ORDEAL
Love the pictures and videos !

Tom said...

...what a wildlife preserve!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Cinnamon has the best playground of any cat in the whole world! Wonderful photos and videos .., it’s as if you live in a Nature Preserve...wonderful.

Red said...

Good for you to make a positive identification.

Kay said...

That’s so neat to see owls and turkeys about your forest. This is so wonderful!