Sunday, 12 April 2020

The days unfold

Monday night

The winds were something. We didn't lose power Monday night, although many did.

From noon to 9 p.m. things got bad. We hunkered down and hoped for the best. We talked about filling the bathtub, but I reminded JB about our two full water barrels!


Maybe I ought to empty the rain barrels???


Some dipstick was out in Vancouver, protesting the lockdown (see below). I would imagine, in warmer climes, they want to get outdoors. It's just so weird to think this is a hoax, or something perpetrated by the state. He's on a "massive march against tyranny! Not OK with unlawful orders and quarantines and lockdowns."
"Be a shame to sit at home and let the government tell you what to do!"
Save us from the covidiots!


In other news, emergency crews continue to step up. There are many at home, and there seem to be cooking fires.
There was a fire Monday night in Kars, Ontario. I used to teach in that town. For the victims, it's not just being homeless, but homeless in a pandemic. We are grateful for all we have here.
We're still managing. The US has 10 times our population and 32 times the COVID-19 rates. We are fortunate. We've had 26,897 reported cases, minus 8173 recovered =  18,724 cases. I'm sure there are innumerable undiagnosed cases.

Yet...We've a death in Perth, from a local retirement home.

Long-term care
"Outbreaks at seniors’ homes linked to almost half of #COVID19 deaths in Canada"


O'Reilly's Ale House is doing a grocery service!

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Anvilcloud said...

It is both encouraging and discouraging that half the deaths have occurred in residences. The encouraging thing is that it seems to be under reasonable control for most of us. The discouraging part is obvious.