Saturday, 11 April 2020

What's going on with you?

I keep track of local collisions. Despite an arrest for car theft, etc.(see below), collisions are down. There is that!

April 8th, OPP arrested  a 24-year-old from Ottawa, on our highway:
  1. Flight from police 
  2. Assault a police officer with a weapon 
  3. Resist police officer 
  4. Dangerous operation 
  5. Dangerous operation causing bodily harm 
  6. Operation while impaired 
  7. Failure or refusal to comply with demand 
  8. Theft of motor vehicle over $5000 
  9. Mischief over $5000 
  10. Possession of a schedule I substance

There are lots of interesting pieces of information out about the 1918 pandemic.
Brent Bellamy
I took a look back through the @WinnipegNews archives to see what life was like in Winnipeg during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. So much of it is strikingly familiar and could be lifted off those old pages and reprinted today. – a very long thread (I know you have time) 1/50


Anvilcloud said...

I am not sure how we can get back to normal for a long time unless there is a breakthrough vaccine or at least an effective treatment.

Nancy J said...

Scary everywhere, and I think our 4 week total lockdown is only the start and it will be for a lot longer. hope my extra short haircut lasts the distance, we can cope with not going out anywhere other than a local walk. 1918, not the same medical equipment then, the way news was given to us, the need for self isolation, and much more. How many died in extreme circumstances we might never know. Yes, less road accidents, our local fire siren went off the other day, this is a rare event now, so maybe a fire rather than a road crash.

Christine said...

Thanks for this link to the 1918 pandemic, I am most interested to read it.

Tom said...

...writing auto policies seems like a good business these days. People aren't driving much and the exposure for claims is low!