Sunday, 12 April 2020

Cats and mice friends

Actually, they have brought home three meadow voles on Saturday. I rescued one in my cap. I took another away. Finally, Nutmeg looked in the window, smacking her lips. I knew she'd caught one. We have quite a few about the front lawn.

She ate one later, and left the gallbladder behind, as they do. A raccoon must have eaten it in the night.

 I put it in the forest.

Maggie and her twins, plus one more. My yummy tulip bulbs!  Nutmeg was just looking for mice. Usually, she nip at my hostas in the summer. What the heck.


It was a cold night. The frog pond is frozen over, again.

I had to drain the water fountain, just in case.

We're anticipating rain. "April showers..." The crocus were pretty well closed up yesterday.

Anyway, Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Happy Passover, to y'all, too!
Here is an old favourite... one Easter in Muskoka. Josephine watched this one over and over, back 10 years ago.


Tom said...

...I've never included nice among my friends! Happy Easter to all the happy campers.

Anvilcloud said...

I had to zoom in on the ‘cover shot’ of the first video to make sure the heron wasn’t real. 😅

RedPat said...

Happy Easter to you!

Olga said...

Mycat ignored those pesky voles. said...

You wouldn't get me in that lake, boy did that look cold.

Nancy J said...

Wow, way too cold for a dip. Voles, mice, what delights for the cats, a dark wet morning here for Easter Monday, no traffic anywhere, no travel, no camping, boating, hunting or swimming, sadly 3 more deaths, 2 from rest home elderly folk, and another older gentleman who had travelled further south to a wedding where there is a cluster of positive cases. Stay home, stay safe. XXXX to you all.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy Easter! The vole is quite cute.

Cloudia said...

A fine Easter!