Monday, 9 March 2020

Model Train Show

We're still cleaning up from the glass mug disaster of the day before. I lifted everything off the kitchen floor, mopped it all, having swept up the larger pieces. There were pieces in every nook and cranny, and out in the dining room! After the floor was dry, we found pieces in the cat food, as well. I hadn't checked in them, JB did, thankfully.

Canada was built based on trains running across the country. Trains helped immigration, tourism, and the shipping of goods across the country. Lots of train tracks, however, have been removed and the tracks have been used for walking, hiking, snow machine, and ATV trails.

JB likes trains. He suggested we go see the model trains at Code Mill in Perth on Saturday, and then have lunch in Fiddleheads. We haven't been there for a meal in awhile. Sometimes service is slow. Sometimes... well, there you go. 'Nuff said.

As is the way, this photo shows how difficult it was for me to see in this space. The brightness of the windows almost blinded me with my cataracts.

This is a very small train. There are different scales for model trains. This was an interesting set, as all they have to do is pop the top on.

This set was up on an amazing stand. It was HUGE! I couldn't see very well to take photos, I relied on automatic focus, thankfully.

"Anytime is train time!"

I love Code Mill. It used to produce felt. It has a glass ceiling, which makes for a terrific courtyard.

Downstairs we went for lunch. Fiddleheads appears to have changed hands. There used to be a difference between the bar side and the dining room side. Tablecloths, etc.

On the way out, you can see some of the cars belonging to the train buffs!
"Old rail fans never die...they just lose track!"

After lunch, we took a drive to see if the river was open. It is getting there. The creeks are flowing. I've tried, and failed before, to grab a photo of this car, hidden by some sort of wooden barrier.

OK, she's easing up, but still frozen on top. I love the sound of the rushing water.

Where there is smoke...

Back at home, I spotted the first red-winged blackbird! Yippee! A sure sign of spring.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Ooh, choo-choos. Always fun! YAM xx

Karen said...

Do you remember the big earthquake we had a few years back, hmm, 15 years or so?
One of the shelves in our cupboard dropped and all of our Corelle and French White Corningwear went flying. All of the Blue Willow china also broke. We are STILL finding pieces of that Corelle stuff pop out of the cracks in the wood floor on occasion. That is deathly stuff!

Tom said...

...boys never outgrow their toys!

RedPat said...

I heard a Blackbird yesterday!

E.liza"BETH" said...

i am trying to think ... when we last saw a train like that ... it was a hobby shop ... so awesome!! what fun. i can not imagine the time to keep it working and looking very cool. ( ;

Red said...

You're really trying to push for spring!

Anvilcloud said...

One of my acquaintances would have bee there at the show. He’s a train guy

William Kendall said...

Model train enthusiasts take it seriously.