Sunday, 8 March 2020

International Women's Day

It's tough fighting through physical and mental health issues, as many know.
It's my youngest son's birthday today (35). He's not speaking to me. I was, apparently, a horrid mother! That said, he graduated high school, went to university on a full scholarship, and now works for StatCan. I must have done SOMETHING right!

My other two children (in Ottawa and Vancouver) have families: two girls each! I am proud of them all.

My daughter is amazing (M.Sc.). It's International Women's Day, and she works so hard taking care of our family. I sent her flowers!

I sent her a note:
You are the glue that holds our little family together. You balance your in-laws and outlaws, our family, your friends.
Lately, I feel I’ve been falling apart, for that I am sorry. You have been a rock. I’m so proud of you, and your science. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, you are a shining beacon of hope for the present and the future.

Saturday, March 7th

I went walkies. I was grossed out at first, but then looked more closely! This is a piece of fungus, covered in springtails (snow fleas) doing what springtails do.

While the wetland melts, the snow is still up to my boots in the forest.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch...

Temperatures have been hovering around zero, then Saturday morning it was -10 C. and somewhat chilly.

The temperatures rose during the day, and kittens worked their claws on the scrathing post.

Sunday morning

JB took over the bathroom first. I lay in bed, listening to the news, waiting for my turn, and there was a crash of shattered glass. A mug. I usually ease into the day as my back loosens up. Not this morning! I had him stay out of the kitchen, as there was glass as far as the dining room. JB says, "It's like a bomb went off, the way it shattered." We'll be picking pieces up for days.

He hauled Nutmeg out of the sink yesterday, so we have a culprit. Cinnamon tends to defer to her.

Outside, there were 19 deer. We will miss them in the summer, once things begin growing they disappear into the wetland. Except for some, who like my hosta.
 Count 'em!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Blessed Womens Day to you, Jenn; the message to your daughter is lovely. Hope there's no going about in stocking soles with the risk of glass still about... it does make a mess, doesn't it?! YAM xx

Tom said...

...have a wonderful day, the Republicans in the US have worked tirelessly to block the passage of the ERA for years. What a successful bunch of old white dudes!

Anvilcloud said...

Happy IWD to you.

You seem to be in a difficult spot physically and emotionally. I hope bodies and spirits lift as does the weather.

Meanwhile, enjoy those deer while you can.

Nancy J said...

Your whole family is so blessed to have you, and those words, I hope they are printed out and kept forever. Love all the animals, and as for the cats, our Boris has taken to drinking out of a glass of water that is in the sink!!! He learnt to jump onto the bench after his stay at the cattery, maybe t hey had tall feeding stations.

Margarida Pires said...

Minha querida na vida existem obstáculos.
Mas, Deus só os dá a quem tem a certeza que os conseguirá ultrapassar.
Força e nunca perca a esperança.
Se se sentir só escreva para o meu cantinho (blog).
Terei sempre uma palavra amiga para lhe consolar.
Um sorriso de luz.
Feliz Dia Das Mulheres.
Umas flores para um flor.💮🌼🌸🌷
Megy Maia

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy Womans Day. The message to your daughter is wonderful. I feel sorry for moms who only have boys! I think We are always closer to our daughters. .... your kitties are definitely keeping you hopping. I broke a glass on the kitchen floor a couple of weeks ago and I’m sweeping up tiny shards went everywhere and our lower cabinets are on legs off the floor.

Red said...

This morning I listened to the woman who headed the Status of women report . It was interesting to hear some of the comments. I didn't realize we were that bad. Check out Sunday Morning in the second hour.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

On International Women's Day I reflected on all the women who have contributed so much to my life and the ways in which they have made it so much better than it otherwise would have been. i salute women everywhere.

William Kendall said...

I'm sorry about your son.