Sunday, 10 March 2019

The New TV Saga isn't over!

Last month I bought hubby a new TV for his sports viewing. The old TV and the TV stand belonged to our kids. It has served its purpose. It's tough to view the scores when they are off the screen on the old, non-high definition, square TV. It's not a huge new TV, just the right size (32") to fit into the TV stand. It took awhile to hook up the cables, but I did it!
The old TV
The new TV

Sadly, the old, old box wouldn't talk properly to his new HD TV. I phoned Shaw, and they put in a ticket.

We were getting messages on our on-screen guide that we needed to upgrade our dish. I'd ignored it for awhile. A couple of years back we had to have the dish fixed, and we paid to have a piece added to make it higher. Our snowfall has been amazing.

OK, phone call, I sat on hold for 14 minutes. I gave up. I tried the online chat, which proved successful. They wanted to send two new receivers. I figured the exercise room TV didn't need a new box. It was working fine on non-high-def shows.

Who knew that the propane truck would arrive at the same time as our satellite contractor? At this point our driveway was all ice. Mr. Cable Guy parked on the hill.

While the propane dude delivered his product, the other dude scurried up the computer satellite tower to cross the roof and change up the TV dish. He's got guts!
It was a dark day. I took another photo last Sunday. You can see his tracks!
 See his tracks?! Yikes.

Propane delivered, the TV dude had to back up and let the propane truck out.

Old vs. new...

Our guy brought his vehicle back onto the driveway, Mr. Propane Man left, and Mr. Cable Guy checked our boxes, indoors. JB's new TV is good to go.

All seemed good. You have to wait while the box uploads the new guides, then turn them off.
I forgot about our exercise room TV. All was not good. On the phone, again. Another $99 for a new box for this crummy, old, non-high-def TV! sigh. The dude explained that by June, the box wouldn't work with the newgrades. SIGH

We have stuff to get rid of.

They would send it by mail. It would be 5 - 7 business days. No tracking code. It arrived Thursday.
Not bad, 5 business days. I hooked it up, phoned in to activate it, and went off to see my client. It's not working with the old TV.
Since we bought the new TV, I'm getting all sorts of emails offering TV sales, as well as pop-up ads on for-profit web pages. We may have to go that route. It's terribly inconsistent, though.
March 9

March 10

 In the meantime, I'm watching Grace & Frankie DVDs while I work out. We may have to hire someone to take the old TVs away for us. We may switch the TV cabinet, put the new TV in the exercise room, and another new TV in the sports room!

As I told my first accountant husband, and the second, "It's only money!"


Karen said...

I'm so glad my old 32 inch RCA is still working without issue!
You might want to phone your local high school and ask about an electronics recycle program. I know they are doing it here, and in Morrisburg.

Christine said...

Hope it all gets sorted out and working soon!

Nancy J said...

At least the propane is good to go.Brave guy to go onto the roof, hope the TV's are all sorted soon. Go spend that money, after all only paper or a card!!!

William Kendall said...

Quite a runaround!

Kay said...

When we got rid of mom’s old TV, we had to ask our neighbor to help us move it because it was just too heavy. Every time there’s new technology it just drives us CRAZY. Art’s computer was acting up and I texted my son-in-law. We sent him a video of the crazy things the computer was doing and Ed said it looks more like a stuck key on the keyboard. Sheesh! It’s so hard to know what the heck is wrong.

ReHiTu said...

Did I understand correctly that you have 3 TVs now? :)

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, Karen, Perth has a program, the kids club is called YAK, and we'll get them there!

Yes, ReHiTu, three TVs, FOUR until we take the two to the recycling place! Two of them are second hand, for now.

Tanza Erlambang said...

hope, everything will be great.
have a wonderful day

Red said...

Technology development can be a pain in the butt for older machines.

bill burke said...

Glad you got the televisons all sorted out. I gave up mine many years ago and haven't really missed it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Feeling yr pain, we just got a new TV ourselves... kinda been there done that here. Bill is a bit hard of hearing and has used wireless earphones for years ... and I do too now (just to be companiable of course, me being way too young to need them haha)....anyway, the ones we had wouldn’t hook up to the new TV... it took hours of time and research and internet chats and two returns of orders before we finally got that problem solved. So frustrating...... Holy cow, those servicemen are brave up there in the frozen Northland! Here in this warm and sunny climate, we’re lucky if anybody shows up when they’re supposed to. People here have a different work ethic from anywhere else.

Anvilcloud said...

You are having quite an adventure with the tvs.