Saturday, 9 March 2019

My new, old terrarium

I bought this, 2nd hand. A lovely, 40-year-old terrarium. All the plants are silk. I began, Jan. 26th, to look for some ideas. I thought a fairy garden would be fun. 
Hooper reached in and took out some of the dried dirt. I have some doubts, but we'll plow ahead!

I was going through the Bits and Pieces catalogue, and found this set. In the catalogue, it was listed for $59.99.

Woodland Fairy Village
This set contains the following: 

- Fairy Tree House

- Four Little Sprites- Riding Gnomes
- Wishball Fairies
- Four Resin Animals
- Miniature Log Table and Chairs
- Miniature Bridge, Bench & Trellis
- Miniature Fence, Welcome Sign, Birdhouse & Lantern Stakes

 Sadly, I went to the website and not only was it sold out, but it was a higher cost. Say what?
I endeavoured to figure out how I could make some. 

I've had terrarium before. What I find is that my thumb is too green, and the plants outgrow their containers! I did some research, there are many wee plants that are suitable. Great plants for terrariums...
Cryptanthus bivittatus,  Fittonia,  Peperomia Orba,  Pilea, Selaginella - club moss, Tillandsia
All our nurseries are closed. I recalled an Almonte store that had interesting plants, hubby checked their webpage. Off we went on Friday. Aren't they pretty? The palm is probably a mistake, but we shall see. 

Hooper had been outside for the 4 hours we were gone. We had lunch at the pub, after we'd shopped. He had a bite to eat, and then thought he'd help. The extra potting soil, stored on the back porch,  I had I put in the microwave to thaw it!

I recalled this little tool, as I'd dropped some soil on top of the plant. I sprayed it clean.

We shall see how it goes, I got them planted. I'm wondering if I want to clean the copper? It's a bit dull. It'll sit on my coffee table, for now.

This morning, it is a tad chilly out,

and Hooper is climbing the walls. I've been firing cat treats down the hallway for him to fetch. It's a good game, as he cannot get traction, and seems to love the thrill and the speed.

I just chased him out of my begonias. He keeps getting into the dirt...
I managed to save the orange and yellow from the summer. The violets are doing well, also the goldfish plant.

 The bulbs in the rabbit are growing well. About a cm per day!


Anvilcloud said...

We once had a cat who live for the treat chase. It got rather tiresome as he would sit on me and stare at me for hours if need be waiting for the next chase.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I love your indoor gardens... many long years past I also had a terrarium (a converted fish tank). Now plants are a bit of a liability for me as I am away from the Hutch so often and long. The umbrella plants I do have are drought hardy. Thank goodness. YAM xx

Karen said...

Those new bits of growing stuff sure do lift our spirits don't they?
We're going to hop in the car and go for a DRIVE today! So looking forward to this outing before I head off to Trawna.

Nancy J said...

Having to thaw the potting mix, that is something I can say will never happen down here. But in the far south, even clothes wash powder can freeze in an unheated garage. Love the plants you chose.Warmer days will arrive soon for you.Our mornings are so dark a lot longer now.

Kay said...

I love terrariums. I used to have one in my classroom in Illinois. You definitely have a green thumb. L

William Kendall said...

Hooper wants to be a gardener.

Olga said...

All the houseplants must be so satisfying at this time of the year. I love terrariums and yours is a lovely one.

Sue (this n that) said...

popping in via your link in today's post. The terrarium looks good! Now I shall go back and read some more about it :D)