Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February precipitation, 2018

2018 mm snow cm
JAN 55.4 39
FEB. 47.8 35
We've had much more rain than last year. It's been very warm for February, as well. I find it disconcerting. 


Feb. 28 – last night it was 10 C. at bedtime!

We're amping up into spring, for some reason. The weather has been far too mild for February. There is an ebb and flow to normal seasons. I should be snowshoeing on the wetland, with the critters, well, flora and fauna, asleep safe in the bosom of the snow cover. This just isn't right.

Feb. 25 – sleety rainy stuff on top of hail and wind, lots lost power.

This isn't a normal February! I should be able to use my snowshoes on the wetland, and go for some fie walks. Flooding is pretty bad, too.
Lots of rain with flooding

Nearby, Hydro is out!

Feb. 21 – snowcover 6 cm, 

 Brantford has ordered an evacuation...
This is why Brantford is undergoing evacuations. Water is rising rapidly here. @weathernetwork #onflood
— Mark Robinson (@StormhunterTWN) February 21, 2018
Ontario flood map

Feb. 20 – up the continent it runs: 18 mm, snowcover 10 cm.

Feb. 19 – 29 cm snowcover

Feb. 15

Feb. 13 – 3.8 mm of water!

Feb. 11 – freezing rain in the forecast. Snow cover of 29 cm.

Feb. 10 –9 cm

Feb. 9 –here's the prediction!

Feb. 7 –Aye Cap'n, she's gonna blow!

Feb. 4 – 21 cm... it's a big one! 23 cm snow cover, with an icy crust.

Feb. 3 – a skiff of snow, more on the way. Snow cover =  5cm mostly ice.

Feb 1. – It started with excitement

It was such a temperature range, getting up to 1 C.

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William Kendall said...

From a weather point of view, last month was just weird.