Thursday, 1 March 2018

Back at the big woodpecker tree... A hairy woodpecker! I expect an owl might move in. You can see, in the close-ups, all the small holes where the pileated woodpecker found some bugs. I've found the setting sun lights up the hole really well. Pileated woodpeckers get to be 40 - 49 cm (19"), and this is a large hole.

Just for comparison, this is the female barred owl, in front of her nesting cavity. I've been following this pair for a couple of years. They use the same nest until it falls apart. Barred owls (uCornell) are between 43 and 50 cm (17 - 20") tall, so this might work if the other nest fails. They are very territorial, and have a hunting territory of 100s of acres. Another family will not move in for now.

I found a near-by tree where the woodpeckers have been hunting other bugs.

Every time I go down there, a red squirrel gives me a hard time. I didn't bother with a photo, I spent too much time talking to it. Here is an archival photo I especially like!

S/he must have a home in this area. I found very large piles of pine cone remains. It must feel safe enough to sit for a long time and eat.

The frog pond is still frozen over, even though we've lost a lot of snow cover. I walked back across it to get to the house.


Olga Hebert said...

i enjoy your observations of nature shown here. I think you are fortunate/talented to be able to capture these birds.

Phil Slade said...

Your Barred Owl is sort of like our Tawny Owl in size and looks. I think we'll get the melt soon, and then the floods.

William Kendall said...

Amazing what those woodpeckers get done!

Anvilcloud said...

The size of the hole is really surprising to me.

Joe Todd said...

Neat post and photos. Let's hope better days are ahead

DUTA said...

Very cute picture with the owl in front of the cavity!