Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October Weather

Here is my monthly summary of weather, in reverse order! I keep a record in the 'pages' section.  November has begun with rain

Oct. 31 – cold, windy, big clouds

However, here was Iqualuit!

final total

Oct. 30 – 83 mm overnight, massive rains!

Videos roll in from Ottawa!

Big winds this afternoon.
October weather from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
There is rain, heavy rain and snow in Ontario!

Oct. 29 – 79 mm overnight!

Oct. 28 – all night: 25.4mm

Weather is moving in. Could be worse, could be better!

Oct. 24 – 20 mm!

A lovely drive home, with ribbons of clouds.

Oct. 23 – something is coming! Tuesday (24th) there were power outages...

Oct. 16

A horrid wind and thunder storm. Lots are still without power across the south and southeast of the province.

Toronto was hit badly, but they are on the mend.
Meantime Ophelia is approaching the UK.

Oct. 15 – wind warnings across southern Ontario, 9mm last night

Oct. 13 

Oct. 11th – more rain!

Oct. 9th – Here comes former Hurricane Nate: 12.7mm

Oct 8 – We'll see what Hurricane Nate brings us!

Meantime, there was a storm surge after Nate blew through.

Oct. 7: 3.8mm

A new hurricane is forming. It looks like we have rain on the way, too.

Oct. 6

Oct. 4 – warm enough, but spotty rain. 4.8mm

High is 24. I planted daffodil bulbs in the rain!

Oct. 1st – Pretty cold: about 2 C.

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William Kendall said...

What a way to see the month out with all that rain.