Thursday, 13 April 2017

Riverside Dr. and Canal Bank Rd., Perth, ON

Riverside Drive study will consider paving, walking paths

Discussions between Perth, DNE touch on ‘economic union’ or merger

This is an interesting dilemma. Engineers have been hired! The road is full of pot holes year-round, especially after a rain.

Riverside Dr. is in the town of Perth, Canal Bank is in D/NE Township. Canal bank ends and doesn't go out to highway #43. Coming in from #43 is Evans Rd., which does not connect to Canal Rd! Residents, of course, want to keep their properties private and are against a new road.

The red pin indicates Riverside Dr.,
which ends at the corner.
The right angle turn begins Canal Bank Rd.
Here is the physio therapy building, at the end of the road.

Fields around the facility are quite watery!
This 'pond' hd a heron.
The spa/gym/physiotherapy spot, at the end of the road, is on what was a horse farm. It's a wonderful facility. Lots of people use the gym, including Perth's mayor, Mr. Fenik. Sadly, the road is a disaster.

The pot holes are amazing. It's like driving on fudge! People tend to drive too quickly. For the most part.

They have options:
1) connect the road off #43 for an alternate route,
2) Adopt this part of land from D/NE,
3) Fix the road up along the canal,
4) Make Riverside a recreational route
5) Connect Canal Rd and Evans Rd, for easier access from the highway.

Sadly, if they pave it, the winter salt required will enter the waterway.

We were there, for my physio, at the tail end of a rain storm. This, following after spring thaw, meant that the forest on the north east was trying to drain into the river, on the south west. This woman did not go above 3 km/hour!

Canal Rd. from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Forest on the NE, river on the SW!

Someone decided to try driving on the grass. They got stuck and had to be towed.
As you come around the corner, the town put up a road closure sign. You cannot see it from the right turn. Then, as you try to get back onto the highway, you cannot see oncoming traffic as you pull out onto highway #43.

Leaving is a dilemma

You can't see oncoming traffic west or from the left, at Craig & Highway #43. Especially, if you meet the grader!
Canal Rd., Perth, ONT from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Here is was in the height of the storm. We had 72 mm of rain (~3") over three days.

Sadly, a young lady went over the side into the river, at one point.  Riverside Dr., near Perth, the site of a terrible incident. The gym is frequented by our local firefighters and paramedics, to keep in shape. They rescued her. The spa's owner, a physician, attended to her. It was a horrible incident. Since then, they put up the metal barriers.

These are the before photos, before the guard rails were installed. It was quite a terrifying drive!

The road was graded the morning I visited. You couldn't really tell. In winter it is icy and slippy.

 Tay River rails - speaking of winter driving


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